Why Engagement Hub?

Engagement Hub is transforming what it means to care about an issue, to be heard and informed and to create co-operative, collaborative data-driven social solutions.

What are the benefits of an Engagement Hub Platform?


Engagement Hub is the only software world-wide offering fully-integrated community engagement, stakeholder relationship management and insights reporting all-in-one platform. 

Simply, every other product on the market offers far less, for a lot more money.

Selecting an online engagement platform

When you’re selecting an online engagement platform, you are assessing several key factors such as security, functionality, features and compliance. 


However it’s also important to look at the type of support you will receive, the experience of the company and the flexibility in approach and functionality. A rigid system with add-ons at an extra cost can become costly in more ways than just dollars. 


You need a company that understands genuine engagement and will walk with you to achieve it. 

Engagement Hub is unlike other software on the market – find out why… 

Engagement Hub was born out of a need for better software

We are community and stakeholder specialists who were frustrated by the lack of comprehensive software for our industry that fitted our needs – so we built one! And over 3.2 million meaningful engagements have now taken place through our software.


We’re the only software to include a built-in Stakeholder Relationship Management tool because we don’t like using multiple software applications and we don’t believe you should have to. With us, you can manage all your online and offline engagements in one place – truly integrating all stakeholder communication together. 


We’re trusted by all levels of government, corporates and not-for-profits simply because we don’t just provide software – we understand engagement. We add incredible value to our clients by helping you not only maximise your site, but also your entire engagement process. 


Offering unparalleled levels of flexibility and software customisation means you can develop a completely bespoke site.

Unlike other software providers, we don’t hem you in to set parameters. Instead we give you the freedom to customise your site, layout, projects, widgets and how you manage your stakeholders and reporting.

You choose what’s visible, what’s prominent and how you bring it all together under your unique branded platform.


And so much more! Engagement Hub offers truly unmatched levels of customisation. Book a virtual demo with us to see how we can customise the software for your organisation. 

You can customise:

URL – create a specific domain name for your platform

Static information pages

Consultation pages – titles, url, enable  / disable widgets and drag and drop the tools

Site theme – choose from several themes and layouts

Private or public projects – with no extra charges for private projects

Project status – display where your project is at with 5 different settings – unpublished, published, in review, closed or archived and even schedule consultations to go live automatically at a certain time

Communication – customise email notifications, send email campaigns and communicate with an individual, a segment or all of your stakeholders – all without leaving the security of the system

Administrator access – by project or whole site so you control the internal management of your platform

Moderation – you control the level of moderation per widget, per project and across the site

What’s visible – use pop up messages, content banners and select what tools you need for each project

Reporting – Download instant, editable reports per project or across the whole site and quickly identify trends and issues from your reporting dashboard

Stakeholder relationship management built in

This is where it gets really unique! As we said, we are the only software to include a fully integrated Stakeholder Management Tool where you can upload, record, segment, report and communicate with your stakeholders. 


No need for additional expensive software – our system helps you capture all your online and offline activity securely in one place, including Microsoft Outlook emails through our integration. 


Imagine no more stakeholder matrix spreadsheets and instead an interactive system that helps you take your stakeholder management to the next level. View our quick video here. 

Rapid deployment and development

We can get you up and running within just a few days. We work closely with you during implementation to customise your site, create graphics, input information and train you on the system so you can hit the ground running.   We’re also regularly releasing new software updates to make sure we are leading the way in engagement software and listening closely to what clients need to make their platforms even better and easier to manage.  Click here to visit our full Changelog History.


Our exceptional reporting system means you can oversee your site and projects instantly and with one click – generate a comprehensive, editable report. 

Delve into your segments, dissect your data and get perspective on your stakeholders – all in your easy-to-use reporting dashboard. Find out more and view a quick video here.

Flexible Options

We offer off-the-shelf and flexible package options and don’t charge extra for features like private projects or more platform administrators. We collaborate with our clients to ensure they receive the support and new developments they require. We also offer additional services to help set up projects, create graphics or provide reports. 


Our clients love the support they receive from Engagement Hub – it’s second-to-none!  Whether you have our standard or premium support packages, your dedicated Engagement Specialist is available to you each month to help you get the best out of your software and generally set you up for success.