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Community Engagement

Ultimate Quick Guide to Community Engagement

Community engagement is a vital part of both public and private-sector decision-making. With this rise in organisations undertaking community engagement, it’s important to consider the whole picture of what community engagement means before jumping straight into delivery. What is community engagement? The definition of community

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Engage Your Stakeholders with Events and Meetings!

Regardless of the type of stakeholders for instance local community members, elected officials, employees, delegates, or any other individual who has an interest in or influence of your organization’s goals. Events, such as forums, workshops, and listening posts are a great way to get everyone

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Stakeholder Engagement & Management

Ultimate Quick Guide to Stakeholder Engagement

Don’t get twisted in knots about your stakeholder engagement. Read our ultimate guide for everything you need to know about it.  What is Stakeholder Engagement?  A stakeholder is an individual or group of people who may have an interest or direct role in a project,

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Winning Strategies For Keeping Your Stakeholders Engaged!

Stakeholders are a vital asset for an organisation whether new or established in collaborating and obtaining buy-in. Encouraging stakeholders to engage with you and your project in many instances is a complex task. However, by developing winning stakeholder engagement strategies, you can achieve the level

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Online Engagement Software

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NGH consulting use Engagement Hub for all their planning consultation

Case Study: NGH Consulting

Large, multi-party projects with vast stakeholder networks benefit greatly from the digitilisation of consultation and engagement.   Ben Smith from NGH Consulting has spent his career working on large-scale infrastructure and regional development projects. He believes digital tools enable bigger conversations to be had and a

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Must-Have Features in an Online Consultation-Software!

Engagement Hub is an all-in-one online consultation software that brings together the community of stakeholders to collaborate. Stakeholders can be local community members, employees, delegates, elected officials, and any other individual interested in or influencing your organisational goals. When you look to invest in advanced

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