The more accurately informed your stakeholders are, the better they can participate in the decision making, resulting in shared decision making. And, in today’s digital world what can serve as the better tool to bridge the gap between stakeholders and organisations than an online engagement softwares, like Online engagement acts as a catalyst in driving more awareness and participation in your consultations whilst also building more confidence in your organization. Furthermore, it can maximize your efforts and achieve better results in the following ways:

Builds trust of the stakeholder

Winning somebody’s trust is tough and maintaining it for long is even tougher. Through sound online engagement and using our built-in stakeholder management tool, you are able to build robust relationships with your stakeholders.

In short, the better informed, connected and engaged the stakeholders are with your organisation, the more likely they are to develop trust with your organisation.

Stakeholder involvement leads to better outcomes

All projects have defined lifecyles and the earlier your stakeholders are involved the more authentic is the engagement, leading to better outcomes.  Ultimately, your stakeholders can be your biggest asset in conceiving better ideas and solutions to the opportunities and contraints that were not identified in building the business case for consultation. Engagement Hub enables all your stakeholders to come together to generate ideas and provide feedback all in one digital hub.

Furthermore, features like ‘quick polls’ and the ‘ideas walls’ also assist in prioritizing options and hence making your work a lot easier.

Stakeholders are more satisfied with the performance of your organisation

A community of stakeholders who feel engaged and involved in the operations of the organization are more likely to be satisfied with the organisation’s performance. Keeping the same point in mind, Engagement Hub provides features like ‘latest news’, ‘FAQs’ and ‘events’, to keep the community informed about updates, media releases, workshops, etc.

Closing the loop

Besides taking on board the ideas and comments generated by your community, the most important aspect of determining the outcome is ‘closing the loop’ – ie. Informing individual stakeholders how their voice has been applied to the final decision making and why. Through the online stakeholder management tool, you can easily email (and capture) your individual stakeholders this information.