Similar to identifying communication channels to reach an audience, when undertaking community consultation it is vital to understand the most appropriate engagement methods to:

  1. Attract your desired stakeholders to participate
  2. Drive high level engagement
  3. Deliver quantitative and qualitative feedback with is ‘useful’ to the decision making process

Basically a combination of engagement methods which works for one project, may not give desired results for all the projects.

Identifying and analyzing  your different stakeholder groups must occur prior to determining your communication and engagement channels. Engaging with harder to reach groups and individuals is imperative to sound engagement.  For instance, if you high level of CALD within your community consideration must be considered for translation of project information and opportunities in key community languages. Best in class online engagement software should include language translation as an integrated feature.

Thinking out of the box when identifying the engagement methods (and collateral) that are reflective of the nature of your consultative (eg: exploratory to contentious). For example for exploratory example, community members are more likely to get involved if the engagement methods are fun, easy, quick and visual.

For online engagement, select a platform which provides a wide variety of tools to accommodate difference stakeholder groups and consultations.

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