Managing consultative processes is very similar to event management as you have discreet dates which different stages of the process must be completed. Additionally, complexity around managing stakeholders effectively needs to be reduced but speed to respond increased. As a project manager, you time shouldn’t be wasted in accessing information and data from multiple software systems and then trying to integrate the data manually. To reduce administration burden and increase productivity, leading organisations try to seek out software solutions that are an all-in-one powerful solution. Engagement Hub is a unique enterprise level platform has been designed and continually enhanced with the sole focus on the growing demand of the effective and efficient stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management.

How Engagement Hub makes a difference in managing data

As mentioned in previous blogs spreadsheets are ineffective in managing data, particularly for complex consultations.  Well designed stakeholder software can do the magic. Engagement Hub software enables you to multi-segment stakeholders, automatically records their online activity and you can logged offline activity such as emails, letters, flyers, meeting notes, etc. in one location, Accessing the data is easy and it is feed into reports generated by the software and you can also import into your corporate systems.

Engagement Hub comes equipped with 8 feedback tools including surveys, polls, forums and ideas walls

Every stakeholder is different; while some may like to express and communicate in a open forum, others are more hesitant. If undertaking exploratory engagement utilizing open commenting tools is effective. However it is always best practice to include one-way feedback such as surveys. The Engagement Hub survey tools features 11 question options with logic. A well designed survey enables you to gather feedback and promotes higher levels of participation. All Engagement Hub feedback tools are designed to assist you in prioritising options and hence improving decision making.

Engagement Hub responds to different learner types

The VARK model, identifies four primary types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Engagement Hub’s 15 informative tools cover the different ways people prefer to learn about something. For the visual learner, images and videos are more captivating and assist with interpretation of a concept. and better to understand some of the visual tools included in Engagement Hub include Video/Image Polls, Video Gallery, Image Gallery, Project Banners and embed anything tool to share information and insight.

Stakeholder software with built-in event registration system

Organising event registration is more efficient if built into your stakeholder software. Engagement HubEvent tool includes the ability to promote you upcoming event,manage event registrations including stakeholder electronic diary integration. This makes it super easy for you to notify and encourage your stakeholder to attend the various workshops, forums and events.

Managing projects, stakeholders and consultative processes is much more simpler and efficient with Engagement Hub software. Engagement Hub is your online tool to successful stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management process. Contact us to explore the software in details –  we know your stakeholders and you will love the new experience.