Engagement Hub is a dedicated online platform with over 20 unique tools to drive effective participation, conversation and collaboration. Some common difficulties generally faced by citizens in participating in a consultative process can be time constraints, lack of accessibility, lack of information among various other barriers. This online consultation tool enables you share information, promote your consultation, gather feedback, facilitate meaningful discussions and generate ideas. Using the online engagement tools has now become a necessity to increase awareness and deliver collaborative decision making.

Let’s find out about the wide range of tools, Engagement Hub has in store for you and their benefits:

Latest News/Blogs

This tool is designed to keep your stakeholders and community members updated with new opportunities and consultative outcomes. It is widely used to inform stakeholders about project updates, media releases, opportunities and consultation outcomes, etc

Document Library

This consists support information, relevant plans, documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a simple categorised filing system. Stakeholders can access this tool whenever they need any information related to the project.


This tool enables unlimited surveys and feedback forms with a range of question types including a WYSIWYG. It allows stakeholders to save draft surveys prior to submission.

Quick Polls

With the help of this tool, stakeholders can undertake text, image, video, or audio polls. Polls will make it easy for the community to assist you in prioritising options.

Community Chat                                                                                                                          

Opens up conversations, you can discuss, debate and dialogue with Engagement Hub Forums.

Interactive Mapping

Enable the community to pin feedbacks/ideas and respond to comments on the interactive map! Other community members can like, dislike and respond.

Ideas and Extended Ideas Wall

It allows stakeholders to pitch ideas and share their stories with community members voting up/down or replying.


This tool gives the complete background and history of the project or program you are engaging on, so you can make better decisions.

To find about the rest of the tools and get these ultimate benefits, kindly browse through https://engagementhub.com.au/stakeholder-relationship-management or call our team on +612 8007 4277.