Juggling between different groups of stakeholders over multiple consultations can be quite a task for stakeholder engagement managers.

Your stakeholders and different groups of them need to access information to stay informed , have opportunities to provide their feedback on your projects and in hand you need to manage and report on all this activity  – resulting in more work and more management required on your part.

This is where a fully integrated secure online stakeholder engagement platform or software will help you get things in order, thus making your engagement and communication tasks a bit easier.

Engagement Hub enables you to manage all your stakeholders and communicate with them from a single place efficiently and effectively. Additionally the software includes a full online consultation suite of tools including the ability to create events, review insights and compile results for surveys and email suggestions within minutes.

To make it more convincing for you, we have listed some of the tasks that you can perform using an online stakeholder engagement platform, thus saving you time and enabling you to run consolidated reports.

  1. Create a Stakeholder Matrix

Recognizing different sets of stakeholders and categorizing them according to each project and their level of interest as well as influence in a particular project can really help you ensure that you are fulfilling the expectations of each group.

Create a mapping chart so that you know what, when and where you need to communicate with a different set of stakeholders. This will pave a path for your success and you would have a clear understanding about whom you need to connect with when.

  1. Design an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar helps you plan your communications as well as marketing gigs in advance and later review them at a glance or in detail so that you know which piece of information is being sent to whom and why.

Also, if you have any seniors to report to or if any of your stakeholders will ask you about your communication strategies, then you can build trust and rapport with them by showcasing that calendar.

  1. Get Your Reports Organized

One of the motives of having cumulated and automated reports of all your communications is to stay updated with the highs and concerned points of the project, thus allowing you to stay on top of all the situations.

An interactive dashboard in an online stakeholder engagement platform allows you to automate the generation of reports and bespoke them in order to ensure that they are in sync with your project and communication goals.

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