Stakeholder Engagement Assessment: Why reassess your stakeholders?

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Stakeholder Engagement Assessment: Why now?

There’s never been a better time to reassess your stakeholder engagement.

The forced isolation brought on by the COVID-19 prevention measures is freeing up time for companies to start auditing various elements of their business. Now is the time for you to look at your organisation and reassess your stakeholders and your engagement approach.

You should reassess your messages to your revised stakeholders, and consider whether, in this new environment, they need new or different information. You should also determine what questions your stakeholders are asking in the current climate and how you can support them.

Most importantly, you need to ask yourself: are your stakeholders still relevant to your business, and are there new ones that you could engage with? Do you also have efficient strategies and platforms in place for communication with these current and prospective stakeholders?

Why undertake a stakeholder engagement assessment? What opportunities are you missing?

There are many potential new ventures, markets, or ideas that your business can and should be exploring during this downtime. This includes looking at current stakeholders to see what opportunities are being missed.

COVID-19 has created the perfect circumstances to reassess who your current stakeholders are. You should also assess opportunities to engage potential new stakeholders as well. This will keep your business going strong even in these uncertain times.

However, assessing your stakeholders begs the question that how, in the current climate, do you reach out to and engage with all of these people when you are forced to rely on online channels?

Engagement Hub provides an integrated software solution for easy stakeholder engagement

It is an essential part of any business to undertake a stakeholder audit and what better time than now? The key is understanding whom you need to communicate with, and how you are going to do so.

You must ask yourself what key messages and information you need to convey to your stakeholders. You then need to consider which platform is best for managing a variety of different stakeholders in an efficient and accessible way.

Engagement Hub is the solution you need.

Our software provides the required efficiency to maintain and update all relevant information that needs to be communicated with stakeholders. It also acts as an incredibly useful tool for engaging with stakeholders due to its carefully considered and implemented accessibility.

Engagement Hub is a powerful engagement and communication problem-solver

Your company needs to adapt your communication strategies once you’ve reassessed your stakeholders, and Engagement Hub gives you access to a range of effective communication and engagement tools for all manner of stakeholders.

Your engagement levels do not need to suffer due to the restrictions of COVID-19; in fact, they can excel with Engagement Hub.

Speak with an Engagement Hub team member today for a walkthrough of our fully integrated software or book a demo directly in our calendar here.

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