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Case Study: Central West Local Land Services

Central West Local Land Services in NSW has found their online engagement hub a fun and convenient way to engage with their community and gain valuable feedback.

Community Engagement Officer Brooke Kirkman said that “Based on a strong need to ensure social, environmental and economic community values and needs are incorporated into local service delivery, (and a thing called a pandemic!)

Central West Local Land Services took a leap towards online engagement and we haven’t looked back. By expanding on existing methods, we are now able to connect with a much broader audience. Reaching those who either simply prefer an online option or are unable to connect via more traditional channels.

Implementing an online engagement platform has allowed us to adopt a whole-system approach to meaningful engagement.

Despite the obvious appeal of a dynamic online platform, the real beauty lies in the ability to meet high-performance standards in terms of a strong data and evidence base.

In a relatively short time, this technology has already proven to be an invaluable tool with the ability to import historical data from a multitude of sources, improving the capacity to build on, and identify community aspirations.”

Central West Local Land Services undertook a large data migration process in an effort to design a new Local Strategic Plan. The process, along with an extensive consultation campaign enabled the business to identify key themes for strategic development.

By adopting a fresh, holistic approach to engagement while increasing organisational capacity, online engagement has allowed Central West Local Land Services to continue moving forward in leaps and bounds.

NSW Central West Local Land Services Engagement Hub Platform

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