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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator - Mapping of Assets using Engagement Hub

Case Study: NHVR (Federal Government)

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is Australia’s national regulator for all heavy vehicles. In 2019, the Australian Government provided the NHVR with more than $8 million in funding to assist local government road managers across Australia to undertake heavy vehicle assessments of on-road assets, such as bridges and culverts, and to create a central database for all this information.

This major project required consultation with councils across rural and regional Australia, and the NHVR began to investigate which online engagement platform offered the best functionality for the project. After an options analysis, the NHVR selected Engagement Hub as its preferred software to support the project delivery.

View the NHVR Engagement Hub Platform

Key reasons NHVR selected Engagement Hub:

• Includes a comprehensive interactive mapping tool that allows users to place pins on a bounded map area and make comments, enabling road managers and transport operators to easily identify bridges and culverts with restricted heavy vehicle access.
• Has an in-built stakeholder relationship management (SRM) system, as the NHVR required a project-specific tool for recording stakeholder engagement across multiple phases of the project delivery.
• As a Federal project, value for money was another key driver, and Engagement Hub offered better outcomes for less.
• As an Australian company, Engagement Hub operates under Australian privacy and data laws.
• Simple to implement and use.
• High level of flexibility and customisation.

Linda MacDonald, Training and Education Officer for the project at NHVR, said, “I’ve worked with many online engagement platforms but have always integrated these with SRM software to meet our needs. Engagement Hub brings together the critical functions of both stakeholder management and consultation tools to support the end-to-end project requirements.

“We use the SRM system heavily, particularly the segmentation, which allows us to clearly identify our audience groups related to project phases. We’ve now been able to set up private projects for viewing by invited audience segments, which are easily facilitated through the software.

“The support we receive is outstanding. I’ve had extensive experience working with online tools, and Engagement Hub’s customer service is second to none. Whenever we’ve submitted a ticket to the helpdesk, they reply within 24 hours, and always correctly interpret just what we need and implement it quickly.

“The flexibility within the software is also excellent. It allows us to think laterally and apply the tools creatively to support our agile project delivery model.”

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