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The SA Government is using Engagement Hub to help Reimagine Kangaroo Island with their Stakeholders

Case Study: Reimagine Kangaroo Island, SA State Government

Following the devastating bushfires, the South Australian Government undertook a comprehensive engagement process to understand the needs of both the local community and tourism industry in how the infrastructure be reimagined and rebuilt. 

Their aim was to ‘build back better’ and this required extensive collaboration both on and off the island.  

Lynne Hare, from SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, said: “We have previously relied on traditional methods of consultation but we knew that to enable us to ‘build back better’ we had to engage better.  

Our online engagement platform with Engagement Hub allowed us to do all our of engagement with wide-ranging stakeholders in one place. 

“We were able to reach many people who couldn’t have attended our consultation events and to bring together all the conversations into one data set. 

“The platform also allowed us to demonstrate the breadth of our projects across the island through interactive maps and images which linked through to more information. This helped people to self-segment, find out information relevant to them and for us to tailor our communications based on interest or demographics increasing the success of our overall engagement.  

Reimagine Kangaroo Island - Interactive Map embedded in engagement platform

“Features such as online surveys allowed us to increase engagement and also import hard copy surveys to collate all feedback together. The interactive maps were a crucial element, as was the ability for individual submissions of data, images or maps.  

“Having built-in communication methods and automated notifications to registered users with the ‘Follow project’ function, reduced the administration time in communicating updates and allowed us to see which stakeholders were most active and engaged.  

“Although I feel we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the functionality available to us through our platform, it’s already been a resounding success in improving our engagement on the re-build of this iconic tourism destination.” 

View the SA Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources – Engagement Hub Platform

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