NGH consulting use Engagement Hub for all their planning consultation

Case Study: NGH Consulting

Large, multi-party projects with vast stakeholder networks benefit greatly from the digitilisation of consultation and engagement.  

Ben Smith from NGH Consulting has spent his career working on large-scale infrastructure and regional development projects. He believes digital tools enable bigger conversations to be had and a greater sense of ownership of the projects across all parties.  

He said: “When master planning for places, it’s crucial that we understand how people use spaces, the problems that need solving and the opportunities to improve community life.  

“Online engagement platforms, like Engagement Hub, host these conversations and enable us to better inform and tell the story of the vision through videos and interactive maps. Secondly, they provide very clear opportunities for people to participate in the process and be part of the decision making. 

“For planning projects, the mapping is truly the stand-out feature and has enabled our communities to speak to their experience and to collaborate together in a very visual way.” 

“The data gathered is robust and well informed and we can use the intelligence in the software to find and collate sentiment, which was previously a very manual and subjective process.” 

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