We work with clients across all industry sectors and power over 3.2 million engagement interactions

Engagement Hub is trusted by governments, corporations and not-for-profit organisations globally to deliver outstanding online engagement software and exemplary service. Based in Australia & New Zealand, with our ISO accredited data centre located in Sydney, our clients benefit not only from our world-class software, but also our extensive expertise and support as engagement professionals ourselves. 

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Engagement Hub’s flexibility means we work across most industry sectors.

Working with federal, state and local government as well as bodies, councils and committees, we are at the heart of transforming digital communication and consultation in the public sector.

Helping universities, colleges and all other education establishments to engage internally and externally. Engagement Hub is proud to support many educational organisations to develop in-depth consultations and effective stakeholder management.

Supporting the health sector to communicate and consult, we power GP forums, health care committees and staff spread across vast districts to come together, communicate and collaborate and to work with their communities to collect feedback and work together for a better health service.

Going deeper than statutory consultation, we help consultants and organisations working on large infrastructure or community projects to connect with residents and stakeholders involved in the development plans and to create genuine engagement and projects founded on collaboration.

Large national bodies and forward-thinking companies use Engagement Hub to build a bridge between the organisation and employees and to generate relevant and worthwhile communication and collaboration.

We power several amazing charities and NFP organisations to reach out to their audience and create meaningful connections. Stakeholder management is vital in the NFP sector and we support many to forge lasting relationships through effective, timely communication and engagement.

Engagement Hub is perfectly placed to support the research sector to reach more participants digitally and to effectively report on their data. Universities across Australia as well as national research bodies use our software to ease the administration burden and increase the reach and transparency of their research projects.

We provide stakeholder management and engagement platforms to many leading Australian utility and energy companies, as well as in-depth consultations on the latest renewable projects and innovations. As a B Corporation, we are proud to be supporting the shift to more renewable and sustainable energy offering value-added services at no extra cost to our clients in this sector.

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