5 Benefits of Investing in a Community Feedback Tool

If your organisation values your community members, community satisfaction and trust is the foremost priority. Improving community satisfaction improves an organisation’s outcomes, strengthens values and brand promise and reduces reputational risk. Obtaining ongoing community feedback to measure sentiment and satisfaction is vital.

5 benefits of investing in a community feedback tool:

  1. Deliver Services, Programs and Projects that your community are on board with: Your community’s feedback assists in identifying SWOTs in the organisation, services, programs and projects. Analysis of feedback provides invaluable insights to integrate into decision making.
  2. Better Decision Making: It is optimal to engage with your community rather than guessing what their needs and aspirations are. Over time and for different projects and projects, your community members are likely to ebb and flow. Real-time feedback data which tracks evolving issues and opportunities enables organisations to be more responsive and fluid.  This data is also useful for developing draft organisational strategic plans which align with priority opportunities and issues identified by your community in previous consultations. Ultimately sound consultative processes lead to shared decision-making which is ideal.
  3. Measure Community Satisfaction: The relationship between community satisfaction, organisation performance and reputation is widely understood. You can measure your organisation’s performance and improve reputation from really listening to your community via unadulterated real opinions. By collecting data through a community feedback tool makes measuring community satisfaction efficient and all in one place.
  4. Nurture Relationships: Through encouraging open feedback, your community members realise that that their opinion is important to you. By providing feedback opportunities, acknowledging feedback and closing the loop by reporting back, trust is built resulting in relationship building. This trust and relationship is extremely important in building a responsive community.
  5. Enhancing Reputation: This goes hand-in-hand with community satisfaction. Your community members have their own hubs and sub-communities and through these know one another. Don’t you want your organisation to be one in which in candid situations your community members are singing your praises for enabling shared decision making.

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