creating a project engagement plan - how engagement hub can help

How to Create an Effective Project Engagement Plan

Creating a comprehensive project engagement plan is vital to the success of your project.

It is often quite difficult to see the entire picture and gauge every risk and responsibility that you might face during a project’s consultative process in the beginning. Having a community relationship management tool can greatly assist in supporting step of your project’s engagement plan, delivery and reporting.

What is a Project Engagement Plan?

A project plan, or a living document of every action, activity and conversation that occurs during the project, is basically the epicentre of a project. It documents the scope, business case, stakeholders, strategies, actions and timeline of your project.

Now, the project plan is drafted before the project even begins but as you move in implementing the phases of your project, you can make changes in it according to the demands of each phase. Remember that the project plan acts as a structure for all your team members as well as other stakeholders as they move forward in the project.

It answers the three basic questions that every team encounter when moving forward in the project and while facing any challenges:

  1. When to take actions and in what order?

A plan should clearly state each step of the project along with the deadlines in order to create a sense of urgency among the team. Also, the goals should be divided between major and minor deadlines to ensure that everything is on track.

How does a community relationship management tool help?

A community engagement tool helps in ensuring that all the members are on the same page and are in the loop with the progress of the project. Also, it enables regular engagement among the members.

  1. Who will be responsible for which activity?

Your plan should clearly state the responsibilities of each member so that you have parties to hold accountable for each element of the project. This saves a lot of time in case any issue occurs and help in avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

How does a community relationship management tool help?

Having an engagement tool ensures that everybody knows who is responsible for what. Thus, when a task related to that department arises, the work of others will not get impacted.

  1. How do we calculate if we are working in the right direction?

Every decision and progress should be communicated to the concerned stakeholders to ensure that everybody can review and contribute for the development of the project. This helps in keeping all the stakeholders satisfied and ensuring that you achieve the targets in time.

How does a community relationship management tool help?

Using a community engagement tool ensures that you can communicate with everybody involved in the project with ease, regardless of the difference in time zones or clashes in the schedules.

A Flexible Community Relationship Management Tool

Engagement Hub is one of the leading community management and stakeholder engagement tools that is being used by both major as well as small-scale government and private organizations. This user-friendly tool helps you in creating an efficient project plan and ensuring that as a project manager, you can engage with your team members and stakeholders with convenience while yielding the desirable results.

Book a demo with us today to see how your project can benefit from using the software. 

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