How to drive community engagement from your online community engagement portal?

What is an Online Community Portal?

A leading online community portal in Australia, Engagement Hub, is an all-in-one solution to form an engaged online community. This is a platform where community members can openly discuss, be informed, and collaborate on opportunities and issues. Engagement Hub is an Australian online community portal where community members share their thoughts and feedback freely but within a controlled and secure environment.

Engagement Hub is a dedicated and versatile platform featuring some incredible engagement tools such as surveys, quick polls, interactive pdf, and so on, built for effective and meaningful online engagement. It even assists in bringing in new members while also keeping your current active members engaged.

Why Choose Engagement Hub – A Dedicated Online Community Portal?

Every organisation looks for ways to improve its products and services. Engagement Hub is an all-in-one online community portal that allows community members to share their thoughts and opinions so organizations can work on them and improve for the better. Considering community members’ opinions will help organisations add more value to the outcomes. This community portal is accessible in more than 100 languages for better understanding and global reach.

Here is how community managers and organisations can keep their community members engaged and also increase the community size using Engagement Hub:

  1. Real Insights and Idea Sharing: An Online Community Portal in Australia is a reliable and dynamic online place where selected community members can share real-time insights and ideas. It gives the benefit to the community admin to decide which topic needs to be discussed and requires members’ feedback.
  2. Collect Feedback and Information Using the Engagement Tools: The intelligent use of various tools like surveys, quick polls, discussions, ideation, etc. of an Australian online community portal helps collect crucial information about community members which is quite difficult to do with other non-portal communities.
  3. The Power of Online Equality: The equality of access, communication and collaboration is one of the ideal benefits of an online community portal. Being online allows each member to voice opinions more freely whereas distance and virtual presence sometimes become a reason for disengagement.

To choose a highly versatile, well-known, and all-in-one online community portal in Australia, Engagement Hub is the best choice. To find out more about this online community platform, kindly visit

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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