How to optimise surveys for mobile users?

The number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide surpassed six billion on 2th June 2021 and this number will further increase by many folds in the upcoming years. When planning your digital strategy, you need to consider mobile users. The same holds true for surveys; you need to make sure that you opt for mobile optimised surveys.

What is a mobile optimised survey?

A mobile survey is a survey that the respondents can readily complete on any mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. When surveys are rolled out using online survey software, they should be optimised for mobile users to ensure a smooth experience. Surveys optimised for mobile devices are such that these are perfect for small screens, including touch-screen devices.

What is the need to optimise a mobile survey?


When a mobile survey is optimised, it is easier for participants to read, understand and navigate the survey. When a survey on your community survey tool isn’t optimised, participants will find it difficult to use the survey and may choose not to respond; this will impact your response rate negatively and you will not be able to fetch the feedback you were aiming to get.

How to optimise the survey for online community survey software?


Here are some tips on how to optimise mobile survey:


  1. Keep the questions short and simple

Considering the limited space on a mobile screen, you should keep the questions short, concise and easy to understand.


  1. Your survey should be touch-screen enabled

People replying to the survey from smartphones need to access the touch screen and so, your survey should be touch-screen enabled.


  1. Avoid using large images

When putting up a survey on your online community survey tool, you must remember to not clutter it too much so that people accessing it on small screens don’t find distractions.


  1. Do not make the survey too long

When the members of the community access the community survey software on their phone, they expect the survey to be short. Limit your questionnaire to between 5-10 questions.

These are a few tips on how to successfully enable your participants to submit surveys from their mobile phones. Using a premium community survey tool provides optimisation for the mobile. If you are looking for an online survey tool, check out Engagement Hub, an online engagement software that comes equipped with a survey feature. It is easy to use and can be accessed by members 24/7 from anywhere, resulting in growth of the organization. For more information about Engagement Hub, visit – or call on –

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