Organising your consultations on your community engagement platform

How do you organise your engagement platform when you are consulting on multiple projects at the same time?

The City of Swan is a local government in Western Australia. They regularly engage with their community on multiple projects. This video showcases how they organise their projects using several top-level category projects:

  • Major Projects & Consultations
  • Local Area Planning
  • Road and Pedestrian Access Way Closures
  • Planning Consultations

These overarching projects list out all the current consultations in these four areas providing their community a clear way to navigate to what is currently open for consultation.

View their engagement platform here. 

This is just one way you could organise your community engagement consultations using Engagement Hub. Visit the Cumberland City Council or the City of Parramatta to see how they use the homepage category and location search to help their community search for relevant projects.

Cumberland city council community engagement platform

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