Tips on creating a good survey using community survey tool

In today’s digital era, the efficient and broad reaching approach to conduct surveys is using an online community survey tool. A survey software is a facilitator, so it is essential is to structure and design your survey to align with best practices; design a survey with sufficient supporting information which flows intuitively for ease of use of survey respondents balanced with producing the data for the analysis stage.

A few tips on creating a great survey:


  1. Frame the questions that drive result

In our previous blog on community survey tool, it was stated the first and foremost thing to do is set survey objectives. Once the survey objectives are established, compose questions that add value and drive responses to align with those objectives. In other words, identify the data you are targeting to collect and accordingly write the questions.


  1. Keep the survey short and simple

As a survey designer, you may be very focused towards creating the survey but the same may not be true for the respondents who are less likely to complete long surveys. Since online community survey tools allow you to create surveys that are short and follow a logical order, you can use these to create surveys that take reasonable amount of time to complete and not more.


  1. Ask direct questions

Try to provide the information and survey questions in non-jargon language which is articulate and to the point. Your language should be clear, precise and such that it allows easy answering of the questions.


  1. Ask questions that can be answered with one option at a time

Asking questions that can be answered in multiple ways makes it difficult for respondents to decide the answer. So, try not to pack too much into a single question that can lead to confusion and inaccuracies in the responses. For instance, don’t ask this:

What according to you is the best way of attaining good health?

  1. Work-outs
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Good sleep
  4. Meditation

Instead, ask:

What is your preferred way of keeping yourself fit?

  1. Work-outs
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Good sleep
  4. Meditation


  1. Frame questions with answers other than yes/no

Choosing between yes/no may be quite easy for respondents but these may not exactly yield the results you are looking for. As a survey designer, you must try to rework yes/no question by including phrases like “how much (as in moderate or slight or extreme)”, “how often (as in daily or weekly or yearly)”, “how likely (very much or not much)”.

So, these were the tips that can help you create a great survey but for you to implement these tips, you will require a good community survey software. And Engagement Hub, being a stakeholder management and engagement tool offers survey as one of its features. You can opt for Engagement Hub and avail multiple benefits. For more information, call us on – (+61) 2 8007 4277 .

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