Easy to Manage

Our intuitive dashboard and user interface make your platform incredibly simple to use. Created with a basic computer user in mind, day-to-day management is effortless. 

As engagement professionals, we understand what your users need and have created Engagement Hub to mirror their expectations. It’s easy to manage on your side and easy to use for your audience.


Create projects, choose widgets, segment your stakeholders and create instant reports – all with just one click.


As soon as you log in, you’re straight into your secure administrator’s dashboard where you can modify the system to your brand and style guidelines, define and import stakeholders, create new projects, view your insights, set your communication preferences – all from the main menu.


You don’t set limits on your future so we don’t either. With our standard or premium licences, you can add unlimited projects, several menu pages and build your site to be fully customised to your needs. You can also schedule projects to go live at a certain date and time, reducing the pressure of concurrently launching online and offline. 


With four levels of user permission levels (site admin, project admin, registered user and offline user) you can choose how your organisation manages engagement and how your community interacts with you. Put your team in the driving seat on projects under your supervision or select what some admins can control with our flexible settings and taskflow management system. 


Unlike other software, we don’t charge extra for private projects so you choose what’s visible and you can even use our software for fully private consultations, community group and internal engagement.  You have full control over what’s visible and can promote key messages through features like Pop Up Messages, Above Footer content and customisable banners. 


We understand how important it is to brand your platform correctly and we have created multiple ways to customise the look of your site from custom URLs to colours, fonts and choice of several themes and layouts. Your dashboard directs you to all customisable elements and clearly guides you to what you need (e.g. image pixel size, colour palette).


Link and embed your social media profiles and encourage social sharing of your consultations.   Embed your social feeds directly into your homepage, add latest news into your footer and benefit from cross-pollination with easy sharing functionality.


Engagement Hub features comprehensive automatic moderation of participation widgets and you can alter the moderation by project or the whole site. With our premium support package, we can additionally support you with third-party moderation services. 

Workflow Tasks

Assign your team members tasks such as reviewing an unpublished project, updating a tool or responding to a stakeholder submission. Each task is logged in the SRM under tasks as well as under individual stakeholders. All admins can update the status and auto emails and reminders are sent out amongst your team. Delegate responsibility across your organisation and know everything is logged in your system.


Engagement Hub truly is unique software. There’s nothing like it on the market. Find out more about our unique features and benefits.