Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template

View our Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template and read our tips on creating yours.

A stakeholder engagement matrix can be a great tool to help you identify your different stakeholders, their influence and interests and any concerns they may have.

Here we have included a basic stakeholder engagement matrix template but you can add to this with more information on engagement methods, tactical plans and who is responsible internally for any activity. For more information on creating a stakeholder engagement matrix, view our expert article here.

It becomes your working document as you engage and you can continually update it, add new actions plans and groups.

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Example – Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template

Engagement Hub - Basic Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template

Tips for creating an effective Stakeholder Engagement Matrix

  • Develop an organisation-wide Engagement Matrix, which enables internal criteria evaluation and consistency across the organisation. Over time, your stakeholders will be able to anticipate the level of engagement based on the nature of the project
  • When new team members come on board, they have a clear assessment tool available, reducing the administrative burden and enabling them to develop the communications and engagement strategy for their project(s) within the organisation’s agreed framework
  • Desktop reviews of previous projects and their engagement methodology – understanding what has and hasn’t worked
  • Determine the risks and the opportunities of engagement for each project type
  • Establish an assessment criteria for each project type against metrics
    • Stakeholder identification and analysis
    • Cost of delivering engagement plan as a % of total project $
    • Political and reputational impact for the organisation
    • Strategic importance for the organisation
    • Operational impact for the organisation
    • The financial impact for organisation/shareholders/investors
  • Develop a generic Communications and Engagement Plan template from the agreed Engagement Matrix
  • Within the template, provide preferred methodology and measurement for each component of the consultative process.

Using stakeholder management software 

An online stakeholder management platform can assist greatly in the management of your stakeholder activity. Engagement Hub includes a comprehensive Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) system which allows you to see your stakeholder information and engagement activity at an individual, segment or whole database level.

Log any calls, actions or emails from your stakeholders as well as see how they have engaged with any of your online engagement methods such as surveys, interactive maps and more. Engagement Hub is the only platform to combine both the SRM and frontline engagement tools meaning all your stakeholder activity is recorded in one place. View our quick video on the SRM here.

Reporting on your stakeholder engagement is easy and simple with nearly 20 reports you can instantly generate showing you demographic, activity and segmented data. View more details and a quick video about reporting here.

See it in action 

Visit our demo site to see the engagement tools and SRM in action or book a free online demonstration with one of our team here.  

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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