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Most frequent questions and answers

An online consultation platform is a website where an organisation consults with their community, employees or wider stakeholders. It involves providing information and asking for collaboration and feedback using various tools like surveys, forums and interactive maps.

Organisations typically use their platforms to consult on various projects at any one time and ask users to register their details to engage. This creates a new community of people interested and ready to engage with the organisation.

The platform is based on standard software which is tailored for every organisation and platform. Purchasing an online consultation platform means you can focus on engagement whilst we take care of the technical aspects and continual development of the software.

Engagement Hub’s flexibility means we work across most industry sectors. We provide software for:

  • Government & public sector
  • Planning and development
  • Health
  • Education
  • Research
  • Employee & member engagement
  • Not-for-profit
  • Power, Utilities & Renewables

View more information on our clients and read case studies about how they use their software here. 

As the software is so flexible, our clients use their platforms in a wide variety of ways. For example:

  • Community consultation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Engaging with members
  • Mobile workforce communication and engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Understanding customers and gauging customer satisfaction
  • International and local research and collaboration
  • Internal organisational discussion and feedback
  • Discrete or private research and sharing

Leading organisations choose Engagement Hub for the ease of use, security, cost-effectiveness and unequivocal tools and features – over 3.2 million engagements have been powered by Engagement Hub.


Engagement Hub is the only proprietary, fully integrated community engagement and stakeholder management software designed by stakeholder engagement experts – providing the only end-to-end solution.

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We understand when selecting an online engagement platform, you’re assessing several key features like security, compliance, reporting, features and functionality.

Most software is similar in these respects. However it’s vital to look at other elements such as the experience of the company in both software and engagement, speed of development of new features, responsiveness to client requests and above all the level of support and flexibility. 

At Engagement Hub, we are a team of Engagement and Communication Specialists & software developers. This unique combination allows us to see the whole picture from the community engagement happening on the ground right back to how the software can respond and record that best.  Read more about some of the unique features of Engagement Hub here or contact us for more detailed comparison data. 

Your new platform can be up and running in just a few days, depending on the amount of customisation, data to be uploaded and projects available at launch.

Engagement Hub pride ourselves on our rapid deployment and working with our clients closely through the implementation process. We offer various implementation services to support you and for more information on these, please visit our ‘Plans’ page, contact us via our contact form or by phone – +612 8007 4277 .

You can choose from our various license options:

  • Starter license for up to 4 projects
  • Standard license
  • Premium license

Plans are renewed annually.

For details of pricing, please visit our Plans page, contact us via our contact form or by phone – +612 8007 4277

A stakeholder relationship management (SRM) tool is software specifically designed to effectively manage multiple stakeholders. 

Forget multiple Excel spreadsheets with duplicate and out-of-date stakeholder data. Engagement Hub’s SRM tool streamlines processes and captures all your online and offline engagement activity and your individual and grouped stakeholders all in one place. 


Through this system you can view all stakeholder activity (online and offline), see exactly how each individual stakeholder is interacting with you through their unique profile, download reports on all stakeholder engagement and create custom correspondence to individuals or segments based on their activity / engagement level. Find out more about it here. 

Yes, all Engagement Hub Subscription Licences include full access to these features. 

This question may be best answered in person. Drop us an email via our contact form with your objectives and we’ll help you understand if our type of community engagement software is the right fit for you. 

There are now many SaaS (software as a service) companies offering a variety of employee and community engagement software, however they are not all the same. It’s important to be clear on your objectives so you can be matched to the right type of system. 

Engagement Hub typically works with large public and private organisations who often need to engage on various projects and issues at the same time. Visit our Clients page to understand more about our clients. 

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