Latest Features

Engagement Hub regularly deploy new features, updates and improvements. Here we share with you about our latest features. 

Latest Deployments

We are continually working with our software developers and clients to develop new features and improved functionality and design.

Here are some of the latest deployments. For our full Changelog History please click here.  To find out about upcoming releases, please contact us

home page display options

Our new home page display options give you the choice of how you want to display your projects and if you want to feature one particular project.

budget simulator tool

Our latest tool to be released is the new budget simulator allowing your audience to visually interact with how they want to spend the budget, providing you with great information to take forward into decision making.

advanced mapping tool

Clients already love our Interactive Mapping widget but wanted more flexibility to use different mapping software and to create bounded areas/restrictions on where users could comment on. Our new advanced mapping tool features Google, ESRI, MapBox and OSM mapping as well as a drawing tool to allow you to outline the area on the map you wish to consult on and block comments on any area outside this. Just like the Interactive Mapping Tool, users can then pin comments via categories and like and comment on other users’ feedback.

Pop-up window

Displaying your key messages across the site just got a lot easier with the new Pop Up window feature. Prominently showcase a new project or direct users to an action using images and text in your pop up window. This feature can be enabled / disabled easily in your dashboard and you can also set how often your individual users are presented with this message.


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