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7 Online Community Engagement Tools

Want to know the best online engagement tools in the market? Read about the top 7 platforms available.

The term engagement suggests the use of a combined effort to understand and involve. In times past, a government, company or organisation would simply deliver a service or project, and the recipient was little more than that. You might say that delivery was down a one-way street!

Not so in today’s engaged and collaborative world. Now, service users or public opinions can be instantly sought – or often provided in a public forum out of the control of the service provider. It’s clear that the public, as a collective, does wish to be involved and are often keen to respond. For those delivering a project, program, product or service, the key question then becomes: how best to engage?

Here, in no order of preference, we look at some of the leading online engagement tools, digital stakeholder relationship management tools and online citizen software

6 recognised online community engagement tools

The Hive, as with all the other possibilities, supports online participation and offers a suite of useful information and participation tools to involve citizens in shaping future projects.

Engagement HQ (from Bang the Table) aims to offer various thoughtful engagement tools. You can select the level of support you wish and benefit from their Engagement IQ resources for community engagement.

Social Pinpoint principally delivers a mapping-focused toolkit to help achieve robust online participation. Recently bought out by Consultation Manager, who provide full stakeholder management software, together they offer mapping and stakeholder software but not the range of participation tools from the others.

Citizen Space – as the name suggests – talks about delivering democratic involvement to meet governmental consultation needs. Equally, Our Say also focuses on public sector performance and delivering full circle outcomes.

Then there’s us – Engagement Hub

Leaving the best to last (and of course, we would say that!) At Engagement Hub we are committed to offering the flexibility to deliver online engagement tools effectively across both public and private marketplaces.

Our expert team utilise our own experience in the field as engagement experts plus continual client feedback meaning that the launch of new features and developments each month is the norm.

We’ve also found that some clients tell us of their experiences elsewhere and mention how they prefer our software flexibility and customised support through our talented team of dedicated engagement specialists. As standard, you receive ongoing practical and technical advice to maximise your engagement.

Unlike others, we offer our complete software features to all users with unlimited admins and users as standard, public and private project capabilities and we don’t add extra charges for these.

Finally, and importantly we are the only platform to include a fully integrated stakeholder management system as standard. Our unique combination delivering both a stakeholder management system and community engagement platform allows you to track all your online and offline engagement activities in one place with easily downloaded reports and full audit capabilities.

For more information about what to look for when selecting an online engagement tool – read our blog about the 15 critical questions you need to ask when selecting an online engagement platform.

To talk about what’s important to you – be it consulting in your community, engaging with employees or members, strategic planning and much more, please call our friendly team on 02 8007 4277, email us or book your no-obligation software demo directly here.

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