Online Platform for Community Engagement

Introducing Engagement Hub – your Online Platform for Community Engagement

Engagement Hub is developed by community engagement specialists to improve online engagement. We have designed an online platform for community engagement that enables you to inform, collaborate and engage with your stakeholders quickly and effectively. A dynamic and innovative hub, Engagement Hub is a powerful cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application where you can share your story with community members.

Why is Engagement Hub is so popular? Here is a list of features that go beyond basic community engagement.

Engagement Hub is compatible with all browsers and operating systems, including mobile.

100% Cloud-Based:-
No software downloads and allows you to engage with your community members 24/7 from anywhere, resulting in more effective, efficient and meaningful consultations.

Intuitive Dashboard:-
Engagement Hub is the ideal online community engagement platform for many industry sectors. The intuitive client dashboard is designed for anyone – no tech know-how required and an easy to navigate user manual is provided.

Easy Set-Up and Rapid Deployment:-
You can instantly create your own portal; quickly brand your site with your logo, corporate colours and imagery. Customize your ‘About Us’ page, portal information and social media links. Start engaging today!

Stakeholder Relationship Management Tool Built-in
Engagement Hub is the only platform that has a stakeholder management tool built-in. Don’t waste time and resources syncing between your software – tag, segment, record, consult and communicate with all your stakeholders in one place.

Feature Rich:-
There are over 27 different widgets available to be customised for your projects. The list of consultation widgets includes: Overview, Events, Document Library, Latest News, Submission, Interactive Mapping, Photo Gallery, Community Registration, Quick Polls, Community Chat, Social Sharing, Surveys, Analytics and Reporting, Access the Demo Site and Video Gallery. This comprehensive and flexible widget system enables you to disable/enable individual widgets on a per consultation basis and customized for each consultation.

Start engaging with your community now.

Contact us for a detailed proposal, book a demo to organize an online screen share and discussion of your objectives, or to explore the features in detail on our Engagement Hub demonstration site.

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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