Driving traffic to your online engagement platform

Driving Traffic to My Engagement Platform: How to increase your reach

You can have the best engagement platform going but if you aren’t driving traffic to your platform – you won’t be getting the reach you need.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting safety measures (such as lockdowns and isolations) have forced most businesses towards online means of communication. This includes liaising with your stakeholders. So how do you drive traffic to your online platform to ensure that you are still maintaining a high level of engagement and interaction?

The pandemic may have forced us into isolation, but it doesn’t need to inhibit our interaction with others. Communication and engagement in relation to the workforce can still thrive via solutions like Engagement Hub. This communication platform can help keep your business engagement working efficiently but it’s vital you are driving traffic to your communication platform for it to be effective.

Let’s have a look at some ways to drive traffic to your online communication platform to ensure you get the most out of it.

Tips for driving traffic to your platform

The following tips are tried and proven ways to increase your traffic. You should start utilising these immediately if you are not already:

  • Link your URLs if you are using multiple sites
  • Use multiple channels including mail, email and social media
  • Think about keywords and messaging in your communications
  • Make your content easy to share
  • Post when your audience is active
  • Optimise your calls-to-action
  • Choose a platform that is accessible and easy to use

Putting a focus on your engagement

While we may be unsure about the long-term effects of isolation, we know that now, more than ever, how vital it is to keep lines of communication and engagement open. If you’re looking for a communication platform that will entice stakeholders to engage with your business, Engagement Hub is the answer.

Engagement Hub can help you effectively engage and communicate with stakeholders, putting a strong focus on your community engagement. Our fully integrated engagement software allows you to efficiently facilitate and record the information discussed with (and for) stakeholders, enabling you to refer to it whenever necessary.

Stakeholders love the various innovative ways of communication, such as the Ideas Wall and interactive images, which makes them more excited to engage and share their thoughts and feedback. You’ll have people wanting to use your communication platform when you use Engagement Hub.

Engagement Hub is the powerful, easy to use tool you’ve been looking for

Now is the time to adapt your communication strategies, inclusive of your traffic-building methods to include a range of communication and engagement channels. By ensuring these channels are easily accessible for your many stakeholders, you are positioning your company for success.

Our all-in-one engagement and communication platform solves a range of issues you may be facing and maximises your traffic, no matter which channels it may be coming from.

With help from stakeholder engagement management specialists, we have made it easy to drive participation, encourage interaction and engagement, and ensure your communication methods are simple yet effective.

Don’t let your engagement suffer as a result of the pandemic – choose Engagement Hub and let us help you facilitate effective communication and drive traffic to your engagement platform.

You can find out more by contacting our knowledgeable team to book a demonstration today.

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