Find Out Your Community’s Opinions Using Community Survey Software!

Gathering community opinions can be challenging. It is vital to get meaningful and quantitative insights to support or amend your proposed initiatives. An online community survey software, of which Engagement Hub includes as a tool, is a tried and tested method to encourage your community to voice their opinions using a range of question types in a well-conducted, private and convenient way.

Engagement Hub provides an easy to use and flexible survey tool. It enables unlimited surveys and feedback forms with a range of question types including likert, ranking, multiple choice, rating, images and logic. It allows stakeholders to save draft surveys before submission. Surveys can even be enabled to be taken anonymously.

To gather quantitative and meaningful data through surveys, one must ensure to send it at the right time or through the right channel. As this can meaningfully affect the way your respondents engage with it.

Top things to keep in mind to use Surveys for optimal results:

  1. Send email alerts at optimal times

It’s not just important what you say, but how you say it and for maximise response rate when you say it plays a huge role. Select an optimal time to send an email alert or newsletter promoting your survey. It is widely considered that most people will respond to a survey opportunity Monday-Friday around 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

  1. Limit Open-Ended Questions

If there’s a lot of open-ended comments in your survey, this can be a deterient to your responsdents submitting the survey. It is advisable to limit the number of open-ended questions to not more than one or two in order to engage more community members.

  1. Keep your survey short and simple

Keeping your surveys short and simple is a good way of improving the survey completion rate. Your respondents are likely to drop off if the survey questions are way too long.

  1. Add thank you page at the end

Just like the starting is important, the ending should also be great. Thanking respondents for taking a survey will help express your gratitude.

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