Impressive Engagement Tools for Better Online Engagement

For the best community conversations to happen, you need purpose – built online engagement toolsEngagement Hub is a complete engagement and stakeholder management software. Its vast array of powerful features will help you deliver rich conversation across various channels and formats to quickly and conveniently manage every level of community engagement and make better decisions.

Top Advantages of Online Engagement

Engaging online is an excellent strategy to get the most out of your engagement activities.

  • People often expect and prefer to engage
  • You can easily engage people who are in different parts of the country; you can even talk with groups that are spread across an area, nationally or internationally.
  • People can engage at a time and place that suits
  • You can tap into existing online
  • Online engagement is cheaper and more convenient, helping you save money on venue booking, catering, travel, printing, facilitators, and similar costs.

Impressive Tools For Better Online Engagement

1. Surveys Tool

It’s an excellent gathering of structured feedback and quantitative data to inform community initiatives. The Survey Tool enables unlimited surveys and feedback forms with various question types, including a WYSIWYG and logic.

2. Forums Tool

Engagement Hub’s Online Forums Tool allows you to open up conversations with your stakeholders and community. It provides a safe place where they can debate pressing issues meaningfully. It also gives the flexibility of having multiple discussion forums running at one time.

3. Ideas and Story Wall Tool

This creative tool lets your community post their ideas, share their stories and vote up or down on suggestions. Our Ideas Wall tool is fully customizable, optional, and perfect for engaging your stakeholders and allowing them to participate actively in the conversation.

You can use many other unique tools when choosing Engagement Hub as your engagement and stakeholder management software. To learn more about other features, kindly visit us at

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