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Online Citizen Engagement Tools are at the Heart of Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

More local governments are turning to online citizen engagement tools to transform community engagement and reduce the burden on staff.

As the development of digital tools continues to move ahead at an increasingly rapid pace, so too do the opportunities to create an authentic end-to-end customer experience (CX).

Online citizen engagement tools are at the centre of this digital transformation.

How government agencies can benefit from online citizen engagement tools

Online community and stakeholder engagement tools, such as Engagement Hub, are designed to be intuitive for the user.

These tools provide a vehicle for them to have a voice in decision making at any time and anywhere, with minimal contact with the organisation’s employees, resulting in reduced costs.

An effective and well-designed online citizen engagement platform that includes tools for ongoing citizen satisfaction measurement and in-depth project-by-project consultation reduces the demand on government employees to provide direct interaction and increases satisfaction.

These platforms also allow for the creation of journey maps, to deliver consistent 360-degree citizen experience with citizens instantly able to get involved and get feedback from others and the organisation. Engagement requires that the user (customer/citizen) is at the heart of the project, rather than individual departments and processes.

Poor customer experience and a lack of well-designed consultative processes result in a lack of trust of government, a poor attitude regarding the effectiveness of a government organisation, and stress on the citizen-facing employees.

Improved citizen experience and engagement results in cost benefits, as well as increased efficiencies, trust, relationship building and employee engagement.

Why Engagement Hub is the top choice for the public sector

A report for the Californian Government found that people who interact with their governments universally want them to become simpler, faster and easier to navigate. A 2014 multi-state survey about satisfaction with state services revealed widespread citizen frustrations with “the complexity of processes, the slow speed of service, and the effort required navigating through processes.” ( The Customer Comes First: Improving the Government User Experience, 2015 ).

Engagement Hub is the choice of many state and local public sector organisations e.g. local governments, state departments, multi-agency partnerships. See our website for the latest client examples. 

Join the digital revolution and transform your citizen engagement with Engagement Hub

Powerful online citizen engagement software, Engagement Hub features over 20 informative and participative tools that enable government organisations to design consultative processes in response to different stakeholder groups.

Engagement Hub is the only platform with a complete Stakeholder Management Tool built in allowing you to capture all your online and offline communication with every stakeholder in one place.

Engagement Hub is built by stakeholder and community engagement specialists. We understand well the challenges and opportunities you face and have built the platform to ease your workload and increase your levels of engagement. Your platform license comes with support from a dedicated engagement specialist to make sure you get the best out of your platform.

Contact our Organisation Ambassadors today to find out more about how Engagement Hub‘s citizen engagement software can benefit your public sector agency.

Book a demo with us to see the platform in action and how easily it can be customised to meet your objectives. 

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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