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Expedite Engagement Through Online Citizen Participation

It doesn’t matter by what name you call it, citizen engagement or citizen participation, it is vital for public sector organisations to consult with the public on new projects. Collecting residents’ ideas, views, opinions, and insights will help build trust in your new service, innovation or development.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, traditional engagement methods aren’t worthwhile. Therefore, more & more public sector organisations are leveraging the power of online citizen participation software to boost engagement.

What is an Online Citizen Software?

Online Citizen Software is a platform that allows citizens to share their ideas, keep informed and get solutions for their issues. It helps government agencies as well as councils, committees and bodies transform digital communication and consultation. Engagement Hub is an award-winning and well-established online citizen platform that makes it easier to understand community problems while serving constituents with speed and efficiency.

Reasons Why Organisations Should Use Online Citizen Software?

  1. Accessible Consultations

An online citizen engagement platform enables residents to participate when they want or on their chosen device, without the need to attend events. Citizens can share their thoughts and participate in conversations and activities about the topics that are important to them. Councils, municipalities and Government bodies can create enticing experiences that make sharing ideas worthwhile and interesting.

Public sector organizations that create an online community can benefit from increased levels of engagement, specifically among inaccessible groups like Gen Z.

  1. Boosting Engagement: Online citizen engagement utilizing digital platforms encourages the management of large consultation activities including hundreds or even thousands of residents at a fraction of the cost of traditional engagement methods. Online Citizen Software, like Engagement Hub, is transforming engagement allowing individuals of any age, race or economic group to share their thoughts, insights, feedback and lots more. Its feature-rich tools and intelligence level help collect robust data and find and collate sentiment.
  2. Building Trust: Engagement Hub is an incredibly safe platform where participants can openly and securely share their feedback. Eliminating barriers fosters engagement, which is crucial for building trust. Residents and stakeholders want to know if they’re listened to, if their feedback is important and how it can impact decisions.

Online citizen participation software is ideal for all consultations, involving large or complex projects such as housing, construction, and sustainability developments which impact individuals or communities.

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