Utilising an engagement platform as the next level in content marketing can help your highly engaged users into further brand engagement

Utilising an online engagement platform to maximise your content marketing

Most organisations spend a vast amount of energy on content marketing via blogs, social media content and related strategies. Utilising an engagement platform as the next level in content marketing can help your highly engaged users into further brand engagement.

Community and stakeholder engagement platforms provide a space for an open dialogue with customers, offering them the opportunity to participate in the creation and improvement of the product or service. A customer community is a great relationship marketing tool that allows customers to interact with each other and with the company to create value together.

Strategies To Maintain a High Level of Customer Involvement

  1. Build Trust Gradually

Trust-building takes time. Regular communication with the participants helps develop a powerful and effective community. Here are some tips on how to stay consistent:

  • Allocate Time: Note down the amount of time you spend creating content. Depending on the analytics on your platform, identify the best time for your posts and plan them for the week beforehand.
  • Ask For Feedback: Create surveys on various topics related to your product. Reply to the feedback, take action to apply the changes and convey the message of changes made.
  • Listen to Your Community: Allow your participants to interact and express their feelings openly using moderated feedback tools. Let them understand that you value them and are always ready to listen.
  1. Grow Ambassadors and Promote Your Community

After some time, people who are very active in interacting with your content will appear in your community. These are the highly interested and engaged consumers that people approach for help or advice. As a community manager, you should look out for these people and invite them to your platform to take part in more in-depth engagement and to become ambassadors for your organisation/brand.

It’s important to always try to attract new audiences but also make sure to retain and support existing ones for better community engagement. Always ensure that they know about your products, and over time, they can be your loyal ambassadors and advocates.

  1. Post Interactive Content and Make Use of User Generated Content

Facebook posts, blog posts, comments, tweets, whitepapers, videos, etc. are some forms of content marketing used for community engagement. Through this regular communication community members come to learn what you have to say, what you know, what are your experiences and more.

When you plan your content, think of the following:

  • The types of questions you most often get asked in your community. Write down all the questions and then decide on the best that you should answer.
  • Talk to your community members regularly. This is a great way of getting content ideas.

As your community will be growing, there will be more user-generated content (UGC) in it. UGC is content created by community members, inspired by certain products or services and not by marketers or copywriters. In various studies, it has been observed that more people join a brand that uses user-generated content to promote its products.

For effective communication, it’s important to choose the best community engagement platform which offers you participation tools, a system to record and understand your audience, communication tools and insights into your potential ambassadors.

Engagement Hub is the only community and stakeholder engagement platform to include all these features and features 28 tools you can use to engage with your audience plus in-depth reporting and a comprehensive stakeholder management system. Find out more details here – https://engagementhub.com.au/ or view our demo site to see examples of how the tools can be used.

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