What are the benefits of community survey software and how it helps in conducting successful survey

Survey. While this word may mean a research method to collect data from a certain group, the role of surveying is not just limited to this. When surveys are planned well, the results provide rich insights for the team managing the process. Now with the availability of community survey software, surveys have also become a great way to reach and engage stakeholders to obtain their feedback and contribute to collaborative decision making. Here, in this blog we will throw light on the benefits of surveying and how to make the best use of online community survey software for engaging stakeholders:

Advantages of survey:


While the cost of conducting traditional survey used to be high, online surveys are inexpensive, especially when conducted via online engagement platforms that have surveys as one of the included features. Even if you opt to give incentives to respondents, the cost per respondent is quite low as compared to cost of administering a paper survey or phone survey.


When using community survey tool, you can target a large population. With such broad capability of community survey software, there is an increase in participation resulting in more stakeholder representation.


Sometimes stakeholders wish to provide their feedback but without disclosing their identity. Online survey tools let them do just this by allowing anonymity. However having the flexibility to force registration or at the very least provide key details is also important.

How to conduct online survey successfully and gain insights?

There are a few points to keep in mind for conducting a survey successfully such as:


  1. Set your objectives

Understand what you are seeking to achieve and your reporting requirements. This is imperative – flip the process. To know the objective, ask yourself questions like, “What do you want to learn about from the community? What attributes are important to know about each stakeholder? How will I present the survey findings?”. This level of planning is critical to successful survey management. The use of an online community engagement platform enables other tools such as polls and community chat to strengthen sentiment.


  1. Write down your survey questions

To get the insights you need, it is important to ask the right questions and in the right way. You can do either of the three:

  • Set open-ended questions, such that respondents are able to write detailed answers.
  • Set multiple choice questions, if you need to know answers from a limited choice.
  • Set a mix of both open-ended as well as multiple choice questions.



  1. Send the survey to targeted group

Online community engagement platforms like Engagement Hub offers survey as one of their tools, lets you send the survey to targeted audience, which means if you wish to send the survey to only a section of stakeholders, you can do so.

With surveys, you can have access to great information while also engaging stakeholders who matter, thus aiding your project in becoming a success. But opting to purchase a software only for the purpose of conducting survey could cost high, which is why you should rather choose something like Engagement Hub which not only offers survey but also features like ‘polls’ and ‘community chat’, to help you have better access to the insights.

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