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Adopting Best Practice Employee Engagement Models

How do you identify and adopt the best practice employee engagement models?

Leading organisations, progressive leadership teams and human resources professionals recognise that effective, transparent and timely internal communication and authentic employee engagement are fundamental to strengthening the organisation, through the tangible benefits provided to their employees and customers. (The customer could be a consumer, community member, industry stakeholder – anyone that could be called your ‘end-user’).

The benefits of best practice employee engagement models

These benefits include retaining high-value employees, as well as increasing productivity and delivering to the customer. With flexible work arrangements on the rise, the challenges in providing equitable access to information and opportunities to collaborate are also rising.

Identifying communication channels and opportunities for best practice employee engagement to enhance the employee experience (or EX), ensures that all employees are empowered with the knowledge and opportunities to collaborate. Engaged and connected employees should be the goal of any organisation.

Well-informed and highly engaged employees provide responsive and consistent customer experience, removing friction and demonstrating to the customer that we are ‘one team’. The focus cannot just be on the customer service team but on all employees.

Engagement Hub is the answer to these requirements. Many organisations utilise Engagement Hub as an intranet, an employee communication tool and for employee engagement and feedback.

What is the intent of effective internal communications?

Implementing an internal communications framework is designed to provide many important functions, such as:

  • demonstrate transparency and visibility through honest and authentic communications
  • ensure all employees are aware of the ongoing operations, projects and programs of the organisation
  • promote opportunities to participate and provide team and individual contribution
  • equip our Organisation Ambassadors with relevant and timely information enabling responsive and consistent customer experience
  • recognise the achievements of the organisation, departments, units and colleagues.

What is the intent of authentic employee engagement?

Embedding genuine employee engagement is designed to:

  • reinforce ‘employee voice’ enabling all employees to be involved, be listened to and contribute their expertise and ideas
  • stimulate opportunities for cross-organisation collaboration resulting in a more engaged workforce
  • promote ‘employee empowerment’ to foster innovation and productivity.

Considerations and prior steps to undertake

Prior to developing an internal communication and employee engagement framework, there are many steps to undertake.

These steps include:

  • the analysis of your current workforce
  • understanding future resourcing requirements to support business growth
  • barriers/opportunities to engage
  • and, of course, the best tools to communicate, engage and report with.

These frameworks cannot truly be effective without undertaking these steps and evaluating these considerations prior to their implementation.

How Engagement Hub benefits organisations and employees

Engagement Hub was designed by expert strategists in stakeholder engagement and originally created for our own support. It quickly grew, and now a range of corporate and government clients benefit from our easy-to-use, streamlined employee and stakeholder engagement framework. We are the world’s only software that offers relationship management, employee insights and engagement in one package.

Engagement Hub delivers effective and powerful collaboration and communication tools to organisations, with our software providing beneficial features such as:

  • A variety of survey types with reporting and analysis tools
  • Polling options
  • Exclusive interactive PDF and image tool
  • Chat options for collaboration and conversation through forums
  • Interactive mapping
  • Image, video and ideation galleries
  • And many more.

When you use the Engagement Hub relationship management software, you’re accessing a centralised system that allows you to audit online and offline activities and projects, segment your users, view invaluable reports and insights and find and address areas of concern before they become troublesome.

Our Organisation Ambassadors are available to give you support in using the Engagement Hub software, providing you with a responsive and consistent customer experience (CX) so that you can pass that same experience onto your employees and customers.

Why employee engagement is crucial

One of the largest factors in high staff turnover rates is a lack of authentic employee engagement in the workplace. Here are some shocking statistics on employee engagement, that shows why it is vital that you work on this side of your organisation:

  • Only 32.7% of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs (Gallup)
  • 47% of employees are likely to look for a new job in the next year (Aflac)
  • 42% of millennials expect that they will change jobs every 1 to 3 years, at least (Jobvite)
  • Improved workplace engagement leads to 37% less absenteeism, 41% fewer quality defects and also 41% fewer safety incidents (Gallup)
  • 50% of employees say that when their bosses share information and data, it has a highly positive impact on their motivation and productivity. (HubSpot)

Can your organisation afford the consequences of poor community engagement and communication? The answer is no. Using a range of different systems for employee and stakeholder management is time-consuming, ineffective and costly – everything that Engagement Hub isn’t.

Improving internal communication and employee engagement is simple with this all-in-one stakeholder management system. To find out more about how Engagement Hub can help your organisation, contact us today.

Book a no-obligation demo to see how effective employee engagement can be through our platform and how easily you can customise it to your needs and objectives. 

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