Learn about how SaaS can support your organisation to maintain employee engagement with staff working remotely

Engagement Hub: Leading SaaS based solution to keep employees engaged during pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Gartner’s HR survey March 2020, 88% of the global organisations encouraged or required employees to work from home and you may be reading this article from you home office space. However, when the pandemic gave rise to the urgent need for large-scale remote working, not many organisations had systems in place to transition smoothly. This unanticipated situation resulted in organisations quickly embracing technologies like Software-as-a-Service or SaaS business models to continue to facilitate stakeholder engagement, including employee engagement.

So how does SaaS support organisations in facilitating stakeholder and employee engagement?

What is SaaS and what are its benefits for stakeholder engagement?

SaaS is a cloud-based software that can be accessed via an internet browser or accessed via an application and doesn’t require downloading software on the desktop PC or an on-premise network. SaaS stakeholder engagement software like Engagement Hub is available on a subscription basis which provides flexibility to deployment and duration of the licence term.

Other benefits of SaaS include:

  1. Flexible

With cloud computing software, you can access it from anywhere you have internet access, not just in the office. This supports business continuity and reduces the risk of service and productivity disruption.

  1. Easy to implement

SaaS is already installed and configured in a cloud meaning there is no requirement for the client to update their hardware. Everything is taken care of by the SaaS provider; one of the reasons it is a big hit these days when a large population is working from home.

  1. Takes less time

Unlike the on-premise solution which takes a long time to be implemented and deployed, SaaS-based software like Engagement Hub can be deployed in minimal time.

So, these were the benefits of SaaS. If you want to try SaaS-based software, visit Engagement Hub website – https://engagementhub.com.au/ or book a virtual demonstration with us directly here. Engagement Hub offers a range of features that can help employees working from home. Moreover, it can be customized as per your organisational needs.

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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