Engagement Hub: Must have software for stakeholder engagement managers to reduce multi-tasking

Stakeholder engagement managers have a responsibility of maintaining and promoting good working relationship with and between all stakeholders but in truth it’s much more than that.

Successful stakeholder management is the ability to efficiently multitask a diverse range of functions:

  1. Understanding the project at hand in-depth and its impacts/opportunities for different stakeholders
  2. Anticipating and responding to what may be the perceived or real impacts/opportunities raised by stakeholders
  3. Ensuring timely correspondence to stakeholders
  4. Keep track of feedback, conversations and where possible resolving
  5. Reporting

Stakeholder engagement may sound simple, however it is typically complex full of many diverse tasks and stakeholders.

What can assist a stakeholder engagement manager better manage all these multi-tasks? Well, the answer is simple… using the right tech.  Here, we have mentioned how online stakeholder management platforms like Engagement Hub can help:

  • Reduce administration burden

Stakeholder engagement managers have to perform number of activities for which they use plethora of third-party tools like Survey Monkey, Mailchimp and Eventbrite and excel. But using multiple tools only adds complexity to the project while also scattering the information. On the other hand, when managers use tools like Engagement Hub everything is under one umbrella, saving themselves hours of manpower in trying to keep track of where everything is at. Within Engagement Hub, you can easily manage your stakeholder database, add notes/comments, send emails and enable participation tools such as surveys, mapping, ideas walls, and event registration. Besides, the data located in one secure location.

With Engagement Hub, stakeholder engagement managers have to utilize only one platform to manage everything efficiently.

  • Boost partnerships

As a stakeholder engagement manager, you may be required to play a key role as a point of contact between external as well as internal stakeholders. Since online community engagement platforms like Engagement Hub offer everything under one roof so the information is organised, centralized and clear, which means anyone involved with the project can have access to the information and pin their feedbacks 24/7.

  • Track and manage complaints across projects

When stakeholders face an issue or upset, they will seek out the stakeholder engagement manager to respond and where possible resolve. Stakeholder engagement software like Engagement Hub enables the recording and tracking of issues from various stakeholders.

These are just some of the ways how Engagement Hub can help stakeholder engagement managers perform manage their diverse tasks. If you want to give it a try, Engagement Hub is offering free 30 day trial. To know more, visit our website.

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