Engagement Hub - Measuring effectiveness of stakeholder engagement process

How do you measure the effectiveness of your stakeholder engagement process?

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of any organisation. But how do you measure if you are undertaking sound stakeholder engagement processes?

Analysing stakeholder sentiment and feedback can help identify what is working well and what strategies need to be implemented to improve your stakeholder processes.

Build an Internal Stakeholder Segmentation System

A way to measure stakeholder engagement is to map your stakeholders within stakeholder groups. For example, Group 1 (e.g., nearby residents) who may have a high level of impact/benefit to Group Y (visitors) who may have a low level of impact/benefit.

You can also identify stakeholders into additional segments based on previous consultations. For example, ‘high community influence’, ‘voice of reason’, ‘committed and active’ etc.

Track Changes of the Stakeholder Segments

Once you have segmented your stakeholders, you may wish to encourage them to become more committed and active.

Developing a robust and effective engagement methodology will achieve this.

Evaluate the Engagement that helped to additionally segment stakeholders.

As you preview a stakeholder’s feedback continue to segment them in effect creating a sound profile on them,

Activity reporting to measure the impact of stakeholder engagement

Another key metric is reviewing your digital engagement. If you have an Engagement Hub platform where your stakeholders consult, communicate and interact – you can instantly generate reports by project, communication tool e.g., survey, by segment/tag or by individual.

This flexibility in data analysis enables you to see the whole picture of how successful your stakeholder engagement practices were and to dive deep into the data to identify any trends and useful feedback.

Using online engagement software can not only help you keep all your engagement in one, secure digital environment, but provides you with the tools to truly measure the effectiveness of your stakeholder engagement process.

To understand more about how you can transform your engagement practices using online consultation and stakeholder software, view our demo site or book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our engagement specialists to discuss your organisation’s specific needs directly with us.

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