Effective Digital Leaders know the value of online stakeholder management with Engagement Hub

4 Key Points for Effective Digital Leadership and Engagement

Digital leadership is vital for organisations in the modern world. Find out some top tips for effective digital leadership and how you can utilise software to lead the way digitally.

For digital leaders, undertaking online stakeholder engagement and management calls for different strategies and tactics to conventional face-to-face engagement. With COVID-19 resulting in restrictions on traditional engagement methods, organisations across the globe have embraced online engagement software to effectively engage and collaborate with stakeholders. This is and will be the new norm as it provides so many more possibilities than traditional engagement.

Digital Leadership - utilising software to lead the way

In today’s digital era, it is imperative to be strong in digital management and digital leadership. Are you a great digital leader? These 4 tips provide a high-level guide to moving towards effective online stakeholder management:

  1. Be a good listener

Digital leaders should have good communication skills and since communication is a two-way street, it also involves listening and not just speaking. Effective leaders do not use community engagement software just to broadcast but see this as a medium to gather feedback and collaborate with their stakeholders. Listening to your stakeholders results in better and more informed decision making.

  1. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Decisions shape everything and leaders are expected to make the ‘right’ or most ‘appropriate’ decisions. In the past, leaders may have been driven by internal organisation drivers or what they believe is the best outcome. Advanced online stakeholder management systems now present the data to assist informed decision making through data collated from stakeholders. Sophisticated digital leaders analyse data to empower them to make better strategic decisions and prioritise deliverables.

  1. Connecting with stakeholders

Great leaders not only understand the importance of using a stakeholder engagement platform but they also use it to connect with everyone involved. They value being responsive with individuals and groups of stakeholders and in turn recognise that this results in relationship building and trust. In order to be sure that everyone is connected well, efficient leaders make use of community engagement software to create online events, broadcast news/blogs, include video/photo gallery etc.

  1. Measure progress and feedback dynamically

Embracing digital transformation is key to better decision making and stakeholder relationship building. Engaging regularly and effectively can achieve Small Quickly Attainable Goals (SQAGs) that bring about measurable change in the long run. An effective digital leader measures SQAGs on a regular basis and frequently provides updates and milestones with stakeholders. Engagement Hub’s in-depth reporting system allows you rich insights into your stakeholders and community and to then communicate and take action accordingly.

Trusted by all levels of government, corporates and not-for-profits, digital leaders and digital innovators use Engagement Hub, the all-in-one digital stakeholder engagement toolbox, to engage, manage and communicate with their stakeholders.

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