How SRM Tools Help You Effectively Communicate With Your Stakeholders?

What is Stakeholder Relationship Management?

Stakeholder Relationship Management is a significant component of effective stakeholder engagement. Commonly referred to as SRM, it’s a process followed by organisations to manage and track relationships with their stakeholders. To effectively engage and communicate with stakeholders, one should not be limited to influencing stakeholder attitudes, decisions and actions –  going beyond that to track and understand individual and collective stakeholders feedback adds real value . This win-win mindset is vital for successful stakeholder relationship management as it delivers a balanced perspective.

Top SRM Tools That Help You Effectively Communicate With Stakeholders

  1. Identify

Engagement Hub SRM system’s unique user profiles enable you to manage and understand your stakeholders better. It gives you access to all essential information about all communications with your stakeholders and/or organisations. With this Engagement Hub SRM tool, you can even see individual stakeholder history or all stakeholders via project or the whole of a site.

  1. Communicate with Emails or Newsletter

This SRM tool allows you to communicate with individuals or groups of stakeholders using emails or newsletters. Email is the common way to communicate with your stakeholders, hence, utilizing an SRM like Engagement Hub gives you access to EDMs. Additionally, Engagement Hub enables stakeholders to opt for automatic updates on any project by simply ‘following’ a project.

  1. Record

This SRM tool lets you import your existing stakeholder data, and log any emails, files, actions or notes. An Online Community Relationship Management software which includes a full SRM enables you to truely build invaluable profiles on your individual stakeholders, enabling you to personalise any communications, understand perspectives and preferences which will help to make your stakeholder relationships stronger.

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