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Support social distancing while still engaging with stakeholders and employees using Engagement Hub during COVID-19

Engaging despite social distancing is paramount during the coronavirus crisis.

In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, governments across the globe are asking citizens to social distancing and as much as possible to stay within their homes, placing many cities and towns in lockdown.

Obviously, COVID-19 is impacting lives, global economy and how we live and work. The effects of social distancing are impacting the ability to inform, collaborate and engage via traditional methods. Engaging despite social distancing requires more innovative methods like engaging with stakeholders and employees online to rapidly communicate information and enable ongoing discussion and collaboration.

Communicating and engaging with stakeholders and employees via a secure all-in-one online community engagement and stakeholder management solution, as Engagement Hub offers enables this from any location and at any time.

From the beginning, Engagement Hub’s mission was to connect people online, collect evidence-based feedback and readily report and also manage stakeholders.

Engagement Hub’s range of feedback and informative tools coupled with our built-in SRM  is any organisation’s answer to carrying out your business without much interruption during times of COVID – 19. And not just this, but it is also a solid investment for the future as things begin to return to ‘business as usual’.

Features of Engagement Hub that will support your organisation:

Events, News Blogs, Submission

In times of crisis like these when the employees are or would be working from home, it is necessary to keep them engaged more than ever before. With our features like ‘events’, you can conduct workshops, online events or create a forum for them and get them involved.

Besides keeping them engaged what is also important is to keep them updated about the latest developments, media releases, consultation outcomes, etc. And our ‘latest news/blogs’ lets you do just that. Employees can also quickly complete an online submission, including attachments so that the work carries on seamlessly.

Surveys, FAQs, Quick Polls, Community Chat

In the absence of physical presence of the employees/stakeholders, it may become difficult to arrive at a decision without consulting those who matter to the project. Engagement Hub comes with certain features that makes it flexible for you to take feedbacks, ask questions, prioritise options,etc.

Photo gallery, video gallery

There is no better way to convey your idea than pictorial representation. If you don’t want to get into explaining your things, but want to give an insight, you can get a cut through for your engagements and consultations by developing a suite of images. Your stakeholders can browse the gallery of images for information and insight. Not just this, but you can make it all the more interesting by sharing videos from the video gallery.

This was just a glimpse of the working of Engagement Hub, there’s much more to it. There are many more such features which will help you and your team work smoothly without having to skip information or deliverables in times of crisis like these.  Contact us today.

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