online engagement tools for place planning

Utilising Online Engagement Tools for Place Planning and Urban Design

Using online engagement tools for place planning can dramatically improve the reach and depth of consultation with the community and stakeholders. 

Urban design strategies and place plans identify the key stakeholders, opportunities and constraints of towns and suburbs and the actions that may be implemented. They identify and prioritise short and long term opportunities. The objective is to work together in creating ‘places’ that provide economic, social and cultural nourishment for the people who live, work and visit them.

What is place planning?

Place planning recognises the knowledge and strengths of local communities, aims to build community capacity and brings together key organisations, business and residents in planning and delivering desired outcomes.

The intent of a Place Plan is to create a place of meaning and connection for residents, business owners and visitors. The overarching objectives are not always identical, but broadly fall under:

  • Strengthening the civic, cultural and brand identity
  • Improving the public realm and amenities
  • Identifying and meeting the needs and aspirations of the community now and in the future
  • Enhancing the environmental, social and cultural sustainability of the place
  • Retaining and attracting businesses and residents
  • Improving engagement and confidence between councils, residents and businesses.

It is a proactive process integrating social, environmental, physical and economic development to provide both short and longer-term direction for a suburb or town.

Stakeholder engagement management is something that places a large burden on administration, often requiring the use of different software at once. That is where online stakeholder management tools come in to play.

Online engagement tools for place planning are crucial for inclusive citizen engagement

More and more designers and planners are turning to online engagement systems due to their flexibility and integration of multiple tools into one platform. These online tools benefit those in urban design and place planning in a number of ways. The biggest benefit is the inclusive and exploratory citizen engagement design, which allows clients to engage a wide cross-section of a community. This is fundamental in delivering strategic directions and actions which will be embraced and foster sustainability.

A digital tool that we highly recommend for place planning projects is the ‘Place Experience’ measurement tool, However, we here at Engagement Hub have also developed our own online engagement tool, which we will explore below.

Stakeholder engagement software that goes above and beyond to make your place planning and urban design simpler

Engagement Hub has been designed by stakeholder engagement strategists with extensive place planning experience to deliver a platform to manage, segment and communicate with your stakeholders. It takes into account the challenges that those requiring stakeholder engagement face, and features twenty-three tools to help overcome these issues and encourage collaboration and ideas sharing.

One of the most impressive features and the most unique and relevant to urban design and place planning is the Interactive Image and PDF Widget. Stakeholders can directly respond and comment on an image or PDF, for unparalleled engagement. Citizens appreciate how easy the Engagement Hub platform is to use, and it will instil more confidence and satisfaction in urban planners, developers and planners.

Our Organisation Ambassadors are at your service

Whether you want to find out more about Engagement Hub and how it can benefit your place plans and urban designs, or need support while actually using our platform, please get in contact with us. One of our engagement specialists will be happy to help you and talk you through Engagement Hub’s online community and stakeholder engagement software.

Book a demo in our calendar today to learn more about the platform and how it can easily be customised to suit your place planning project. 

We shape our public spaces, thereafter our public spaces shape us.
– Adapted from Winston Churchill

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