Working from home - employee engagement

Working from Home – How to keep employees and stakeholders engaged

As COVID-19 continues to change the way businesses operate, one of the most pressing matters being faced is how to connect and engage with your team and other stakeholders while working from home. New and innovative thinking in regards to communication and the way we engage with employees and stakeholders is a must, particularly when considering the limitations to face-to-face contact.

The challenges that businesses need to address in this new world of COVID-19 include how to stay connected, informed, and, above all, engaged. There are also large considerations around work/life balance as people’s homes, once their places of rest, have now been turned into their workplaces.

Here are the best ways to manage working from home and maintaining communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why the usual communication and collaboration platforms aren’t as effective

Communication is crucial, and remote work means that you can’t drop by someone’s desk for a quick chat when you need to ask a question. Emails can be inefficient and create an endless back-and-forth, wasting valuable time and making errors more likely

While there are many different collaborative applications and software out there, they all perform varying functions. Having to use an assortment of programs can quickly get messy and confusing, especially when trying to reconcile data across all programs.

Add to that the isolation of the remote workforce, and it’s a recipe for inefficiency and poor communication.

Engagement Hub makes working from home and collaborating with stakeholders simple, even during COVID-19

If you’ve been wishing that there was one online platform that encompasses all the useful features of collaborative software into one easy-to-use package, then your search is over!

Engagement Hub offers an extremely useful tool for stakeholder engagement, communication and management. Our unique software provides fluidity and accessibility to communicate with people inside and outside of your business efficiently, no matter where they’re located.

Unlike other tools, Engagement Hub also makes it easy to manage, track, and assess all interactions to keep accurate records for future use and reference.

Find out more about Engagement Hub’s innovative platform to keep your team and stakeholders connected

Engagement Hub is an end-to-end software solution that allows for management and engagement in an easily accessible package. Your administrative burden is much smaller, as we can also help link data automatically without the need for multiple software licenses.

Need help adjusting to the home office environment? Our reliable, accessible, and innovative communication platform will connect you and your team.

Contact Engagement Hub for more information on your remote working engagement solution or book directly in our calendar for a personal demo.

Read more about how simple it is to manage, the benefits, reporting, security and more.

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