There are a lot of different features provided by this online community engagement platform. Engagement Hub provides a suite of solutions to inform, collaborate and engage with your stakeholders and community 24/7 from anywhere resulting in more effective, efficient and meaningful consultations. It brings together awesome widget system, enabling you to disable/enable individual widgets on a per consultation basis and customized for each consultation. I want to focus here the widget system offered by Engagement Hub that allows stakeholders and the community to promote their content to the entire community.


Overview: This feature provides a summary of what the consultation is about, the background to it and what you are wishing to achieve.

Events: A widget that helps to notify and encourage your community to attend workshops, forums, and events. With the use of the widget, registered users can notify you instantly if they are attending or not and share the event via social media. You can simply download the attendee list!

Document Library: Include relevant plans, documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a tidy section.

Latest News: This feature will keep your stakeholders and community updated with the latest updates and media releases.

Submission: With this widget, anyone can quickly complete the online submission, which includes the ability to upload a supporting document.

Interactive Mapping: The community can easily pin and respond to comments on an interactive map!

Photo Gallery: You can upload photos and images of the current situation, proposed visuals, face-to-face engagement and more.

Community Registration: In this widget, you can choose to enable or disable specific fields. Engagement Hub has designed useful fields to capture data about your registered users.

Quick Polls: This widget makes it easy for the community to assist you prioritizing options with unlimited polls.

Community Chats: A tool that can help your conversations going. With Community Chats, you can ask broad questions and wait for the community to provide their answers and then for other community members to support the suggestions or not!

Social Sharing: Your community can quickly share information with their friends.

Surveys: A flexible and useful tool that enables unlimited surveys with a wide range of question types.

Video Gallery: Embed an upload MP4 or YouTube video.

Analytics and Reporting: This unique feature enables you to download a range of data in addition to accessing the Google Analytics for assessing site and project visitation.

Access the Demo Site: Contact us to access the demo site!

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