How It Works

We help you create one centralised place where your community and stakeholders can come together to learn, listen and collaborate.

Cultivate deeper relationships, more meaningful conversations and transparent decision making in an easy to use, customisable and secure environment.  With flexibility built into every step, you choose how you implement, customise and manage your system. 

Getting started

As Engagement Professionals, we understand you’re being pushed and pulled in many directions and need a platform to deliver results, like yesterday!


No software headaches. Engagement Hub is incredibly simple to use for both administrators and participants so you don’t need to be a techy and we’re here to guide you at each stage. 

simple set up

Implementation is quick and simple with options of DIY set up or for us to build and deliver it to you.


You can be up and running in as little as a few days and we can support you with branding, importing stakeholder lists, project data or full site migration from another platform. You choose the level of support you need.

Customise your site

Once on board it’s time to make your site truly yours with customisable branding, URL, multiple layout options, templates and menu pages. 


Make it work for you with tailored registration forms, bespoke auto emails, segmentation, moderation settings and complete flexibility to turn on and off any features at a project or whole-site level. 


We offer an unparalleled level of customisation because we understand that every project in every organisation is different and has different needs. 


Turn on and off tools and use as little or all of Engagement Hub’s features as you need. 

All-in-one consultation toolbox

Once you’ve set up your site, general pages and settings, it’s time to create your first project. 


For each project, choose from 38 informative and participative tools or widgets. 


Inform: Display your project information, links, documents, latest news and timeline. Bring it to life through rich media tools for video and images. 


Participate: Engage with your community and seek valuable feedback through surveys, quick polls, forums, idea walls, events, budget simulator and interactive images and maps


Use our fast, data-driven reporting to understand your users, your reach and your impact and then tailor your communication by segment, interest or influence. 

Foster true engagement by feeding it back using our built-in communication tools:

  • Emails and newsletters 
  • Fully editable system generated emails / notifications
  • Instant project email updates
  • Moderated feedback


Once you’ve launched, our easy-to-manage software saves you countless hours by streamlining your engagement practices, creating instant reports and keeping track of all your stakeholder activity in one place

Take advantage of our engagement expertise to help you launch successfully and consult on your first projects. Watch as your reach, engagement and impact grows and use your reporting to understand exactly how.

Engagement Hub

Easy to manage

Find out how simple and easy the software is to use for both administrators and users.