Stakeholder Relationship Management Tool

The only end to end solution available globally – interactive community engagement, stakeholder relationship management (SRM) & insights all in one.

Your built-in SRM

Reducing your administration time via the fully integrated Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) tool and Insights Reporting Dashboard.


All Engagement Hub Subscription Licences include full access to these features so unlike other software you don’t need any costly add-ons, multiple software applications or headaches over cross-referencing your online and offline engagement.


Forget multiple Excel spreadsheets with duplicate and out-of-date stakeholder data.

Engagement Hub’s SRM tool streamlines processes and captures all your online and offline engagement activity and your individual and grouped stakeholders all in one place.


Import your existing stakeholder data, log any emails, files, actions or notes and create stakeholder segments e.g. by location, interest, title etc.


Communicate with individuals or groups of stakeholders directly within the SRM with automatic and tailored emails or newsletters. Enable the ‘following’ feature on projects so stakeholders can opt for automatic updates on any project.


The SRM system’s unique user profiles enables you to understand your stakeholders and quickly reference their participation including comments, conversations, demographic and social media information. See individual stakeholder history or all stakeholders via project or whole of site.


The Insights Reporting Dashboard provides instant access to multiple reports, including: Level of Project Engagement, Stakeholder Segmentation by Project, Stakeholder Demographics, Top Influencers, Key Issues/Trends Reporting Simple to use, yet with built-in flexibility to encompass all your stakeholder management needs. Book a demo call with us to understand more about the SRM capability and how it can be tailored to your organisation and stakeholders.

Participation Tools

Engagement Hub features a total of 24 widgets or engagement tools with more in development all the time. View our 10 feature-packed Participation Tools.