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6 Key Questions for Digital Stakeholder Engagement Software

Many organizations across the globe are seeking digital stakeholder engagement software in order to engage with the communities and stakeholders. With a lot of varied software solutions available, how do you evaluate what is on offer?

These are just a few questions to ask when talking to digital stakeholder engagement software providers.

  1. Is the software easy to use for everybody?

Use the demo of the software before you invest in it to ensure that it is easy for everybody in your community to use. Besides User Experience (UE), how secure is the software and does it comply with accessibility and privacy legislation in your jurisdiction. Check out the Engagement Hub demo site here. 

  1. Is it apt for all the stages of your project?

Select a platform that provides different tools to support your different stages of consultation with ease.  Some of these include discussion forums, surveys, interactive maps, polls, brainstorming tools, integration, and analytical tools.

  1. Is it functional across platforms and responsive?

All of your stakeholders will not be using the software on the same device, so make sure that it is compatible with all the devices, including smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. This would make it easier for everybody to access it from everywhere, at any time.

  1. Is it safe to store data and create reports?

You will be exchanging confidential information with your stakeholders through your digital stakeholder engagement software. So, make sure that it is not just convenient for you to search for information on the platform and create reports, but it needs to have the most high-level cybersecurity in place.

  1. Does it provide an automated profanity filter and what moderation is possible?

Since so many people will be using the software and the conversations will be exchanged so frequently, it becomes imperative that inappropriate profane should be prevented automatically from being published, whether you enable open/controlled moderation.

  1. Are you receiving strategic and technical support?

It is important that there is a team to offer you all the technical and customizable support to ensure that the solution is optimized to your organisation and project requirements. Ask questions about the level of support and any high-level strategic servicing that is available.

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