Our consultancy team have decades of senior experience across government and the corporate sector. EH was initially developed to support our consultancy work.

About Us

Engagement Hub – Your online engagement software

Based in Balmain, Australia, Engagement Hub is a business unit of My Business App Pty. Ltd. The online engagement software, Engagement Hub, has been designed by a team of highly experienced stakeholder engagement specialists and developed by our amazing software development team with the objective of transforming the community engagement landscape, enabling any sized organisation to effectively engage online with their stakeholders securely and affordably.

Through our hands on experience we know that better outcomes are achieved through a whole of community approach – Engagement Hub enables your community to ‘have their say’ whenever and from any device which suits them.

Our Consultancy Practice

The consultancy arm of our business means our team continue to work as engagement practitioners.  We understand the changing landscape and challenges of modern engagement. This ensures Engagement Hub is always fresh and responsive to the ever-changing landscape you operate in.

Our values, combined with an understanding of budgetary constraints, the political landscape and strategic frameworks, all which influence stakeholder and community engagement give us a quick start to achieving our client’s objectives.

What sets our cross-disciplinary team apart is that we don’t just talk the talk- we have walked the walk over many years and are excited to share our expertise and learnings with our clients. Additionally, we have the research and analytic skills to develop robust business cases for our clients’ consultations.

We are privileged to partner with amazing clients from diverse sectors who inspire our team to innovate and deliver tangible outcomes.

Our Consultancy Practice

Expert Engagement Practitioners

As highly experienced stakeholder engagement practitioners, we implement and deliver 360 degree stakeholder engagement programs, including: developing a detailed engagement and communications strategy, being at the coalface with your stakeholders and ultimately delivering a well-structured report to assist your organisation in making determinations.

Our team are at the cutting edge of stakeholder engagement and recognised the need for a best-in-class online engagement solution to support our clients and their stakeholders. Since its launch in April 2016, Engagement Hub is continually emerging to stay ahead of stakeholder and client expectations.


Our Team believe that for engagement to be effective and meaningful, it must be authentic. So, our team, will always help, advise and support you to ensure your engagement projects are the best they can be. But perhaps most importantly, we will be honest with you.


Whether it be our client relationships or facilitating engagement with client’s stakeholders, our professionalism and discretion is paramount to supporting our clients. With our professional and seasoned team, our approach is to make the engagement process painless for our clients and their stakeholders.