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Additional Services

Engagement Hub is here to support you at every step of your engagement journey with our range of additional services.

Once your platform is up and running, our team of engagement specialists are here to support you to maximise your engagement and assist with your consultations.

In addition to your standard or premium support package, we offer several additional services from project setups to full site management.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Project Set Up

Let us help you set up your engagement projects - simply provide the documents, links and information and we can create your project and help you schedule your consultation to go live - reducing the burden on you to launch everything concurrently.

Review Engagement plans

With our extensive knowledge of community and stakeholder engagement, we can support you with your full engagement plan creation and implementation through the software.


We offer various reporting services from simple extraction and supply of reports to analysis and review of all consultation feedback provided either in an editable word document or in a graphic designed report.

Graphic Design

Create the look you want in your software with quality branded graphics. The team at Engagment Hub can assist you in creating banners, images and interactive media to enhance your site.

Full site management

Let us take care of everything for you - we can create consultations, send regular reports, manage your SRM, send out newsletters and

Ad hoc services

Contact us if you have a specific requirement you need support on outside of your client support package.

Latest Features

Our software is always evolving. Find out about all the latest deployments and features.