Additional Services

Engagement Hub is here to support you at every step of your engagement journey with our range of additional services.

We’re here to help! Together we can upgrade you from another platform, import existing stakeholder databases, crunch the numbers, fine tune your platform, create engagement reports and generally ensure your success.


We also have various options for implementation and support including one-off or ongoing assistance. Contact us for a detailed proposal. 

Project Set Up

Let us help you set up your engagement projects - simply provide the documents, links and information and we can create your project and help you schedule your consultation to go live - reducing the burden on you to launch everything concurrently.

Engagement plans

With our extensive knowledge of community and stakeholder engagement, we can support you with full engagement plan and framework creation plus tailored implementation through the software.

Bespoke Reporting

We offer various reporting services from simple extraction and supply of reports to analysis and review of all consultation feedback provided either in an editable word document or in a graphic designed report.

Full site management

Let us take care of everything for you - we can create consultations, send regular reports, manage your SRM, send out newsletters and provide overall site management for you on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.

Graphic Design

Create the look you want in your software with quality branded graphics. The team at Engagment Hub can assist you in creating banners, images and interactive media to enhance your site.

SRM Support

We're here to help you prepare and import existing databases, design stakeholder segments and your registration form, upload and tag feedback etc to help you get the most out of your unique SRM system.

Survey Design

Our team of engagement experts can work with you to write and design surveys and other feedback tools to maximise your engagement and feedback

Ad hoc services

Contact us for a quote for one-off or ongoing services and find out about purchasing 'buckets' of time or our services chargeable per hour

Custom training & support

Customise your support package to suit your needs and take advantage of our team's expert knowledge in stakeholder and community engagement

migrating from another platform?

Full transition Service

Our team are experts at upgrading clients to Engagement Hub -  bringing over your previous consultation and participants lists. The process is so seamless you can transition your existing platform’s URL with no downtime to your stakeholders. 
Select from various migration options from DIY up to complete transfer of all projects, data and stakeholders. Contact us for a detailed proposal.
For example, one of the largest Local Governments in Australia, City of Cumberland, moved over to Engagement Hub transferring over 800 projects and thousands of stakeholders and were “blown away” by the functionality offered within our software.

Latest Features

Our software is always evolving. Find out about all the latest deployments and features.