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Community Engagement

Ultimate Quick Guide to Community Engagement

Community engagement is a vital part of both public and private-sector decision making. With this rise in organisations undertaking community engagement, it’s important to consider the whole picture of what community engagement means before jumping straight into delivery. What is community engagement? The definition of

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Stakeholder Engagement & Management

Effective Digital Leaders know the value of online stakeholder management with Engagement Hub

4 Key Points for Effective Digital Leadership and Engagement

For digital leaders, undertaking online stakeholder engagement and management calls for different strategies and tactics to conventional face-to-face engagement. With COVID-19 resulting in restrictions on traditional engagement methods, organisations across the globe have embraced online engagement software to effectively engage and collaborate with stakeholders. This

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Online Engagement Software

client case studies

Gladstone Mindcare Engagement Hub Platform

Case Study: Gladstone Mindcare

“Gladstone Mindcare promotes improved mental health and wellbeing by empowering our community through education, information and connectivity. We needed a website and platform that could support us in all 3 of those key work areas and Engagement Hub’s broad range of functionality and flexibility really

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Lockyer Valley Regional Council Engagement Hub Platform

Case Study: Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council has used online engagement across the full range of Council services to increase the visibility and availability of consultation with their community. View their Engagement Hub Platform. Neil Williamson from Lockyer Valley Regional Council said “We are actively using our engagement

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Fraser Coast Welcome Screen - Engagement Hub

Case Study: Fraser Coast Regional Council

Fraser Coast Regional Council regularly use their online engagement platform to inform, consult and collaborate with their community. Hailey Rickard from Fraser Coast Regional Council said “Online engagement has completely transformed our engagement process here on the Fraser Coast. By using an online platform, we

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5 essential tools for stakeholder analysis

5 essential tools for stakeholder analysis

Creating stakeholder matrices or data analysis of your community or stakeholder engagement feedback can seem an onerous task if you don’t have the right tools to streamline your approach. Here we look at 5 essential tools for stakeholder analysis to help you consolidate your data

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