COVID-19 has forced all industries to adopt new and innovative thinking in order to continue operating as close to normal as possible. It has impacted communication in the biggest way, as it has forced us all to change the way we interact with each other. For the most part, human contact has been greatly minimised, with face-to-face contact limited to the essentials.

This poses a great challenge to businesses and their communication with stakeholders, as engagement and the receiving of feedback isn’t as easy to obtain. Since face-to-face interaction has been interrupted for the foreseeable future, businesses have been compelled to rethink stakeholder communication – how the messages can be conveyed, and which online channels to use.

For an innovative solution to your stakeholder communication conundrum during the COVID-19 pandemic, read on.

What to look for in an online communication channel

While there are many communication channels available online, you need to find the one most effective for your stakeholder engagement.

To decide on a communication platform, you need to decide what message you will need to send to your stakeholders, and then ask yourself the following questions when reviewing potential platforms:

  • Does this platform support the message I wish to send – does it allow my stakeholders and I to easily inform each other, and give, receive and explore feedback and ideas?
  • Does this platform provide the necessary mechanisms to drive that message to my targeted stakeholders?
  • Will my target audience be able to access this platform? Is it accessible for people of all abilities?
  • Does this platform enhance my credibility with my stakeholders?
  • Will I be able to create profiles of our stakeholders and easily access our interaction history and data?

Now, let’s explore why Engagement Hub fits the bill and is the best choice for communication with stakeholders during the conditions brought on by COVID-19.

Why Engagement Hub is the most effective stakeholder channel for innovative communication

When you look at Engagement Hub’s stakeholder engagement and management software and ask the above questions, you’ll find that the answer to each one is a resounding yes!

When you cannot communicate in person and need to carry out the majority of your conversations online, you need an online platform like Engagement Hub. Our software provides fluidity and accessibility for those in your company to easily communicate with your stakeholders.

It also allows you to easily manage, track, and assess all interactions with stakeholders, so that accurate records are kept for future use and reference.

Find out more about Engagement Hub’s innovative stakeholder engagement and management software

Engagement Hub was developed as an end-to-end software solution combining stakeholder management and engagement in one easy to use package. It eases your administrative burden as well, by automatically linking data and not requiring multiple licenses for software.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, accessible and innovative answer to the communication challenges brought on by COVID-19, get in touch with us today. Engagement Hub is always more than happy to talk you through our software or book a demo directly in our calendar here .

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