Communication Tools

Send out automatic notifications, emails or an e-newsletter – all within one place.

Communication Tools

The power of your Engagement Hub software doesn’t stop outside of your platform – use our communication tools to keep the conversation going and keep your users engaged. 


Linking with the SRM, create segments and groups and communicate directly with them – no need for connections to third-party software. 

Emails and newsletters

Send individuals or groups of stakeholders newsletters and emails. No need to connect a third-party system, communicate completely within the safety of your Engagement Hub software. Use your built-in SRM system to identify and then target users who have not participated or are your key influencers.

System-generated emails

When a user undertakes particular tasks e.g. registers, makes a comment or RSVPs to an event, they are automatically sent an email notification. Tailor these to your organisation and audience.

instant project updates

If a user is following a project, when the project admin posts a new item / update they can elect to instantly send an update to project followers.

rejection notifications

If you decide to not publish a user’s comment or unpublish their comments, send a message to explain why the comment has been rejected.

Latest Features

Engagement Hub regularly deploy new features, updates and improvements. Here we share with you about our latest features.